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Body 2000 Table Tennis training facility

Located on Coney Drive Belize City across from Public's Supermarket is our Body 2000 Table Tennis Training Facility. The facility is complete with four tables and table tennis classes are offered throughout the week to students with ages ranging from 7 - 18. The facility is also opened to the members after hours starting at 7pm every night.

We are slowly making our way up to the highest levels of the game, and so consistent and intense training of our junior players is becoming more and more important. We generally start with recruiting in the early part of the year and within a one and a half year cycle our students are ready to start competing on the international stage. We have been receiving better and better results each year we participate in international events and we hope to continue this trend over the next couple of years.

Table Tennis Classes and the Registration Process

Several classes are run during the week from Monday to Saturday.

  • Basic Level Classes
  • Beyond the Basics Classes
  • Intermediate Level Classes
  • Advanced Level Classes
  • National Team Training

 Class Levels

 Class Description Duration
 Beginners 1
 Development of Table Tennis Specific Coordination 8 Weeks
 Beginners 2
 Basic Stroke Development  16 Weeks
 Intermediate Refinement of Basic Technique
 12 Weeks
 Advanced Development of Advanced Techniques
 16 Weeks
  Time up to this point
 52 Weeks
 Advanced 2+ Advanced Tactical and Strategic Play


Payment Scheme

 Group Monthly Cost per Student
 Beginners Boys
 Beginners Girls
 Intermediate Juniors
 Advanced Juniors

Basic Level Classes are for young recruits between the age of 7 and 10 and these classes are generally made up of about 6-10 students. 2 classes are reserved for boys and 2 for girls, for a total of 20 boys and 20 girls. These classes are trial classes and run for about 8 weeks. Only the top 50% will be able to move on to the Beyond the Basics Classes. The remaining 50% will be asked to continue training at our BES Facility on Saturdays. With more training these kids could eventually make it back into the Body 2000 Classes. As students get better they move up into more advanced level classes.

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Competing Abroad 


As our junior players improved and get better we try to push them further by sending them abroad to compete on the regional and International stage.

These events include:

  • The Central American U11, U13 Championships
  • The Central American U15, U18 Championships
  • The Latin American U11, U13 Championships
  • The Latin American U15, U18 Championships
  • Youth Olympics
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Central American and Caribbean Games

The Central American U11, U13 Championships is hosted in the month of July, while the The Central American U15, U18 Championships is hosted in January of each year. Juniors who perform well here can qualify to play the higher level championships for Latin America. CODICADER is a regional tournament within Central America which targets both Primary Schools and High Schools. These events take place in July and August of each year.

We encourage our players to keep working hard so that they may represent Belize well abroad!

For more information on these events, you may check out the links below.


Central and Latin American Championships