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BTTA Tournaments

The Belize Table Tennis Association tries to maintain a very active tournament year. Since our inception we have grown significantly and now host 13 tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are played at the Belize Elementary Auditorium Located on Mercy Lane Belize City, and are open to Members of the Association. To become a member simply pay your yearly membership fee and you can start playing immediately. 

Here you will find information on the various tournaments we host throughout the year including rules and regulations, formats, schedules, results and more.

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It's important to understand how these tournaments operate as it does affect how one would go about playing them.

Some key things to consider are:

      1. Is the tournament Rated or not?
      2. Am I eligible to play?
      3. What format will the tournament utilize?
      4. When will the tournament be played?
      5. How long will the tournament last?

      6. What rules and regulations will govern the event?



Simply put, rated events affect your rating. Non-rated events do not.

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Your eligibility to play most tournaments depends on a few factors including your age, gender, rating, ranking, and in some cases your affiliation to the association.

Age Specific Tournaments include:

  •         - 1st Bi-Annual Smart Junior Ranking Tournament
  •         - 2nd Bi-Annual Smart Junior Ranking Tournament
  •         - BNE Junior National Championships
  •         - Barrow and Williams LLP Summer Open
  •         - Annual Traveller's Veterans Tournament

The 1st Bi-Annual Smart Junior Ranking Tournament, 2nd Bi-Annual Smart Junior Ranking Tournament, and the BNE Junior National Championships are restricted only to junior players. Junior players are defined as players who are 18 years of age and younger. It's important to note that your age is the age you are scheduled to turn in a given year. If you are 18 but will turn 19 in a given year, your age is considered to be 19. You are therefore no longer a Junior Player, and will not be eligible to play junior events.

In these events, there are three age categories:

  •           - 12 and under
  •           - 15 and under
  •           - 18 and under

If you have trouble figuring out which category you are eligible to play refer to our ratings page here

Whichever Junior Rating list you can find your name under is the age category you are eligible to play. It is also important to note that in some instances a junior player may play more than one category in a given tournament, but at no time can any junior play all three. Generally, the top five ranked players for a given age group are allowed to play any age category up but never down. For example, if you are in the top 5 ranked juniors of the 12 and under age category, you may be able to play the 15 and under category or the 18 and under category. You can choose either, but cannot play both. On the other hand, a top five ranked junior in the 15 and under age group may play the 18 and under category, but cannot play the 12 and under category.

The Barrow and Williams LLP Summer Open is divided into three events. These are a junior event for all junior players 18 and under, an open event for all players of the association, and a women's event. Male Juniors may play both the Junior's event and the Open category, while Female Juniors may play all three.

The Annual Traveller's Veterans Tournament is restricted only to players who are 35 and over. The age you turn in a given year also applies here.

Ranking and Rating Specific Tournaments include:

  •            - 1st Bi-Annual RF&G National Ranking Tournament
  •            - 2nd Bi-Annual RF&G National Ranking Tournament
  •            - Top 32 18 and Under Don Omario Cup
  •            - brothers HABET Team League
  •            - Strong and Weak Doubles

The 1st and 2nd Bi-Annual RF&G National Ranking Tournaments are divided into four events.

These are:

  • A Division
  • B Division
  • C Division
  • Women's Division

The A Division category is open to all players whose rating is above 1199.

The B Division category is open to all players whose rating is between 900 and and 1199.

The C Division category is open to all players whose rating is below 900.

Similarly to junior events, players may be eligible to play multiple events. Any top five ranked players in any rating classification may play the rating classification event which is ONE level higher than his own. For example, the number one ranked player in the C rating Classification may play the B Division event, but under no circumstances would be he able to play the A division event. Also, as before, persons with higher rating classifications are not allowed to play lower rating classification events.

If you are unsure of which rating classification you belong to please refer here for clarifications.

The Top 32 18 and Under Don Omario Cup is a ranking specific tournament. It is an invitational event and is open only to the top 32 ranked Junior players at the time of the tournament. In cases where a top 32 ranked junior is unable to play, the position may be opened up to the next ranked player in line.

Make sure to check the ratings list regularly to see if you will be eligible to participate. 

The brothers HABET Team League is a Team Event and is divided into three divisions.

  •            - 1st Division
  •            - 2nd Division
  •            - 3rd Division

Since it is a team event and players can be of various playing levels we have set special requirements to govern the formation of teams for each division.

Generally, Division 1 is meant for advanced level teams, Division 2 for Intermediate Level teams, and Division 3 for Entry Level Teams.

Depending on the ratings of players in a given year the division eligibility guidelines may vary. Make sure to check over the current year's prospectus as they are made available on the site.

For reference to the latest rules and regulations governing this tournament go here.

The challenge with the Brodies Strong and Weak Doubles Competition is trying to maintain balance in strength among all the teams registered. We've managed to achieve this balance by implementing the following restriction on team formation. The only requirement to consider when forming doubles pairs is that no two players who are in the top 25 ranked players of the BTTA National Rating list can play together. Any other team combinations is allowed.

Affiliate Specific Tournaments include:

  •            - SJC Annual Club Tournament
  •            - Annual Dutch Lady Primary School Tournament

There are few tournaments on our calendar which are exclusive to affiliate members of our association. The SJC Annual Club Tournament is one of them and is open only to students and faculty of St. John's College. Of the schools which participate in our School Development program, SJC has one of the most active table tennis following. It is because of this we have decided to host this event.

The BTTA has initiated a School Development Program where instructors are sent to partnering schools to offer training and to get kids playing the sport more seriously at a younger age. Primary schools account for the majority of these partnering schools and so it naturally followed that we would start hosting the Annual Dutch Lady Primary School Tournament, where these young and budding talents get to showcase what they've been working on all year at their respective schools. This tournament has so far been one of our biggest and most successful. It's great to see the interest in table tennis developing in the youths of Belize.

The only Tournament of the year which bears almost no restriction on eligibility is the BNE National Championships. This tournament has four events which include men's singles, women singles, men's doubles, and mixed doubles. There are no age or rating/ranking restrictions. The only restriction is that you must be a Belizean National and a member of the BTTA.



There are many different tournament formats that can be utilized for any given event. We utilize three main individual event formats, and one team event format.

These are:

     1. Round Robin

     2. Single Elimination Knockout

     3. Double Elimination Knockout

     4. Team Tournament Olympic Format

For in depth information on how these formats are utilized go here.

For information on the team tournament format we utilize go here.

For information on how players are placed into these formats go here


Most of our tournaments are played on sundays, but dates may vary.

Check out our calendar of events here


Most of our tournaments are one day events, but in some cases, our tournaments last more than one days. Tournaments generally last about 6hrs. Three hours of matches are played in the morning and another three hours in the afternoon. Our team tournament generally runs for 8 weeks and are played mostly on Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm. Typically the opening and closing of the tournament takes place on Sundays and are played both in the mornings and evening.On any of these days a given match can last anywhere from 2hrs to 4hrs depending on the match up. Make sure to check out the schedule for any given tournament to be aware of match times and duration. Schedules are made available on the website as soon as they are completed.


Generally speaking all table tennis tournaments are govern by the laws of table tennis which you can view here. (Chapter 2 of the International Table Tennis Federation Handbook). All other regulations outlined in the Handbook are subject for use to suit individual associations' needs. For each of our tournament a prospectus outlining these rules and regulations will be made available. Make sure to check these out to be familiar with specific rules and regulations governing specific events.

For more information see the following resources:

ITTF Handbook

Handbook for Match Officials

Handbook for Tournament Referees

BTTA Constitution and Bi-Laws