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"Developing the sport of table tennis"

About Us

The Belize Table Tennis Association was established in 2008 by founding member Arturo Tux Vasquez after being invited to the Central American Veterans Championships in El Salvador in September of 2007. This sparked the cooperation between the regional table tennis bodies as well as the International Table Tennis Federation, whose objective at the time was to penetrate the globe and reach it's arms into every corner by establishing associations in every country. Through this initiative Arturo Vasquez began the work to get an association up and running within Belize in no time. Today we have amassed a membership of over 200 members, established 13 sponsored tournaments each year, a ranking system for players which is regularly updated and posted on our site, a training center for junior athletes, complete with national teams which regularly participate in regional competitions, scholarship programs for junior athletes, have hosted regional events, and much more. We are proud of what we have been able to achieve thus far, and we are looking forward to what our team will be able to achieve as we push forward. We welcome you to become a part of the initiative. 

Executive Committee

Board Members are elected every two years.

Arturo Vasquez

Arturo Vasquez is the founder of the Belize Table Tennis Association and is an avid player even up to today. His passion drives the sport ahead in Belize and he has served as president since its founding in 2008.

Hector Lopez

Vice President
Starting his table tennis journey over 40 years ago as a student of SJC, he now serves as the BTTA vice president and has contributed significantly to it's development.

Yasser Musa

As a teacher at SJC high school and as a dynamic spirit, Yasser Musa has been instrumental in promoting and galvanizing the interest of young players to join and keep playing the sport of table tennis in Belize. 

Marion Usher

Brother of Petie Matus, Marion Usher has seen his fare share of competition with his sister winning many mixed doubles titles. He has served as Treasurer to the Association for over 7 years and continues to contribute the development of the sport in Belize.


Auxiliary Members

Priya Pagarani

Board Director
Priya Pagarani joined the BTTA Executive Committee in 2019. She has been involve in table tennis for a number of years, and continues to contributed to to the development of the sport. Her interest has now brought her into the Governing Body of the BTTA. 

Jorge Espat

Board Director
Jorge Espat is one of the original founding members and has served as vice president for the Association for several years. He now serves as one of the directors and continues to push the association forward.

Ariel Guerrero

Tournament Director
Ariel Guerrero, has proven to be one of the Association's greatest asset, playing an instrumental role in the formalization of tournament events in Belize. He is a national and regional certified referee as well as a certified Continental Competition Manager.

Dr. Manuel Paguaga

Board Director
Dr. Paguaga joint the BTTA Executive Committee in 2018. He is part of a complete table tennis family where both his kids, and his wife, are deeply involve in table tennis. His support has been multi-functional, as a father, doctor and mentor to the sport.

Tournament Committee

Ariel Guerrero - Chairman

Tux Vasquez

Vanessa Guerrero

Yasser Musa

Hector Lopez

Jorge Espat


Belize Elementary Auditorium

Corner of Mercy Lane and Princess Margaret Drive

Belize City, Belize

Opening hours: Saturdays 2pm - 6pm

Body 2000 Gym Table Tennis Training Center

Coney Drive across from Publics Supermarket

Belize City Belize

Opening hours: Mon-Friday 2pm - 9pm

Note: Open to participating members of our Training program

BTTA Constitution and Bi-Laws

The association was established in 2008 with the following Constitution and Bi-Laws. 

(BTTA Constitution & Bi-Laws)