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2015 bne senior national championships

Sunday December 6, 2015

The 2015 BNE SENIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS took place this Sunday, December 6, 2015, at the BES auditorium, the home of table tennis.

Starting back in 2010 the BNE National Championships is the last event on the BTTA annual calendar, where the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS are crowned.

The event consist of KNOCK OUT competition format in all 4 categories.

Starting of at around 10:00AM on Sunday some 50 participants took part in the event end with the following results in the 4 different categories:

1st - Zhi Chen
2nd - Latrell Solis
3rd - Tyrone Tun
3rd - Yasser Musa

1st - Samira Pott
2nd - Kelly Liu
3rd - Tyola Casimero
3rd - Kayla Arnold

1st - Tyrone Tun - Latrell Solis
2nd - Gabriel Guerrero - Tux Vasquez
3rd - Samron Pott - Rohit Pagarani
3rd - Yasser Musa - Mishek Musa

1st - Tux Vasquez - Tyola Casimero
2nd - Kelly Liu- Terry Su
3rd - Samira Pott - Samron Pott
3rd - Yang Ling Chen - Kevin Chen

All winners were presented trophies on behalf of the sponsors, Belize Natural Energy (BNE) by BTTA Tournament Director Mr. Ariel Guerrero.

President of the BTTA thanked the sponsors for their continued support of theNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS as well as all the players, participants, spectators and especially the organizers of the event.

Following from last years initial introduction of the PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD, this years winner was announced as 10 year old Taye Parkinson who has demonstrated excellent improvement and development thru 2015. He has won many tournaments in his category, with the recent winning of the 18Under category in the Junior National Championships. He also recently won the 2015 NATIONAL HOPES WEEK CHALLENGE.        
   "the development continues….!!"


November 23 - 30, 2015

 The National Hopes Week & Challenge concluded this past Monday with over 23 Junior player receiving certificates of participation in the closing ceremonies of the program at the BTTA training facility located at Body 2000 gym on Coney Drive, Belize City.

 23 Junior players had the opportunity to work with ITTF High Performance coach Aleksey Yefremov of Belarus for one week leading up to the National Hopes Challenge Tournament staged at the Belize Elementary Auditorium on Saturday November 26.

 The National Hopes Challenge is a part of a wider ITTF initiative which seeks to identify the world’s top Under 12 cadet players as well as to work with local coaches to improve their skill level. Each participating country is responsible to set up a National Hopes week to identify their best Under 12 cadet players. These players then go on to a Continental Hopes Challenge Week, and the winners at that event move unto to the World Hopes Challenge Week.

The training camp began on November 21 at the Body 2000 training facility with two sessions, each catering for a different age group. The Under 12 cadets trained each day from 4-6pm while the under 15 cadets trained from 6-8pm. Expert, Aleksey Yefremov prepared different activities each day tailored to improving the players technical abilities and overall tactical game. Additionally, in the mornings in a separate session, Aleksey Yefremov worked along with local coaches to improve their knowledge of the sport and their technical ability.

 After one week of intense training, the Hopes week culminated in the staging of the the Hopes week Challenge Tournament at the Belize Elementary Auditorium. Here, Taye Parkinsons (10), and Jude Castellanos (11) came out on top after making it past the qualifying round and working their way to the finals of a single knockout draw.

 Twelve Under 12 cadets participated in the tournament. They were placed into two groups where the top two seeds from each group would advance to the main draw. The third and fourth ranked cadet players from each group would then move onto the consolation draw. Taye Parkinson and Jared Mena made it out as the top two performers in group 1. Jude Castellanos and Aidan Arnold made it out of group two as the two top performers. Devesh Hukmani and Carlos Izaguirre made it out of group 1 as 3 and 4, as did Jofny Paguaga and Ethan Hunt out of group 2.

 In the main draw Taye Parkinson played against Aidan Arnold in the first semifinals whilst Jude Castellanos and Jared Mena fought for their place in the finals in the second semifinals match. Taye Parkinson defeated Aidan Arnold 3-0 and advanced to the finals. In the second semifinals Jude Castellanos defeated Jared Mena 3 -1. In the final game of the main draw Taye Parkinson played Jude Castellanos and went on to win the Hopes Challenge by defeated him 3-0.

In the Consolation draw Devesh Hukmani battled against Ethan Hunt in the first semi, while Carlos Izaguirre and Jofny Paguaga played in the second. After an intense semis, left hander, Devesh Humani prevailed over Ethan Hunt 3-2, while Jofny Paguaga won Carlos Izaguirre 3-0. In the finals of the Consolation draw Devesh Hukmani overcame Jofny Paguaga with a score of 3-1.

At the end of the event medals were presented to all winners of the main draw by ITTF High Performance Coach Aleksey Yefremov, and he explained what road lay ahead for the top two cadets who made it out of this week’s challenge. Taye Parkinson and Jude Castellanos will go on to represent Belize in the Continental Hopes in hopes of making it to the World Hopes Week. The association thanked Aleksey Yefremov for his hard work and the ITTF for their Initiative at developing the sport of table tennis in countries like Belize and all over the world. His coming here was a great opportunity for our growing association and for all the local players and coaches that got to work with him. We plan on making best use of these opportunities as we work hard to keep moving forward and developing the sport locally here in Belize.

 The Development Continues….



2015 BNE Junior National Championships

Sunday November 22, 2015
The 2015 BNE National JUNIOR Championships concluded yesterday
Sunday November 22nd with the following results:

12 and Under Category 
1st Place:  Taye Parkinson
2nd Place: Samron Pott
3rd Place: Terry Su
3rd Place: Aidan Arnold
15 and Under Category
1st Place:  Amiri Hoare
2nd Place: Latrell Solis
3rd Place: Jaylen Nicholson
3rd Place: Terry Su
18 and Under Category 
1st Place:  Taye Parkinson
2nd Place: Latrell Solis
3rd Place: Jaylen Nicholson
3rd Place: Joshua Gegg
Doubles Category 
1st Place:  Latrell Solis/Joshua Gegg
2nd Place: Taye Parkinson/Luis Bardales
3rd Place: Amiri Hoare/Jaylen Nicholson
3rd Place: Eric Li/Sergio Glori
This is the third year that a BNE JUNIOR National Championships has been hosted separately from the BNE National Championships, due to the increase growth in numbers of our junior players. The BTTA, in partnership with our sponsor Belize Natural Energy, will continue to move forward with these events being held separately.

Board Director, Hector Lopez, along with ITTF High Performance Coach,Aleksy Yefremov, presented 20 trophies to all winners of the JuniorChampionships. The association thanked the sponsors, players, spectators and organizing committee for their assistance in this event. Aleksy Yefremov, then briefly discussed the National Hopes Program which will be taking place over the next week at our Body 2000 facility. Each year the ITTF works along with National Associations to
organizea week long training camp. A professional is sent in from the ITTF to conduct the week long training camp to work with coaches and juniors in the 12 and Under category. At the end of the week long training a tournament is held and the top performing junior get the opportunity to participate in a continental hopes training camp where the process is repeated. We welcome Aleksy Yefremov and thank the ITTF for affording us this opportunity at greater junior development, and the overall development of the sport.
Special mention also goes out to our 12 and Under Champion Taye Parkinson, who participated  and placed in three categories for this event. He's only just ten years old but managed to take the first place title for both the 12 and under event and more impressively the 18 and Under event as well, in addition to his second place win
with Luis Bardales in this year's first time doubles event at the Junior Nationals.

Latrell Solis who was last year's 15 and Under National Champion also placed in the three categories he participated in this year, 1st in the Doubles with partner Joshua Gegg, and second in the both 15 and Under and 18 and Under age categories.

Jaylen Nicholson, last year's 15 and under runner up, took third place in the 15 and under, 18 and under and doubles category. In the Junior Arena things are definitely getting more competitive as all the junior players are working hard at our Body 2000 facility developing their respective games.

Aidan Arnold, an up and coming junior player, now playing for only about 4 months, managed to clench his first trophy placing 3rd in the Under 12 category. He has been showing great progress over this short time and we are sure he will continue to do well in the future, especially now as he has his eyes set on the Central American Junior Championships to be held in Costa Rica in July of 2016.

The Success of Events such as this proves that the future of Table Tennis in Belize is surely bright!!!

Once again, thanks to our sponsors Belize Natural Energy and all others who managed to make this event a great success.

"the development continues......"

2015 Brother's Habet Team League

Sunday, November 1, 2015
Racqueteers & SMASH BROTHERS take "top spot"
The 2015 brother HABET Team League concluded this Sunday, November 1, 2015 at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

The league began on September 6, 2015 with 17 teams competition in three Divisions.

The first round of competition consisted of a Round Robin Format with the TOP 4 teams advancing to the FINAL 4 KNOCKOUT event.

The final results are as follows:

1st - Racqueteers
2nd- Penholders PLUS
3rd - Hurricanes & Brodies Ping Pang

1st -  Racqueteers
2nd - Phoenix
3rd -  Crushers & Bismark

1st -  Smash Brothers
2nd - Racqueteers
3rd -  SJC Wildcats & Thunders

Trophies were awarded to all the top 4 finishers from sponsors brothers HABET who have sponsored this event for the past 7 years.
The Team League is considered one of the largest and most competitive event in the BTTA Tournament Schedule.
THANK YOU goes to the sponsors, participants, organizers and spectators who have made this event a success.

Sunday June 28, 2015



The 2015 7th Annual Barrow & Williams LLP SUMMER OPEN TOURNAMENT concluded this past Sunday, June 28, 2015 at the BES Auditorium.

The event consisted of 3 Categories comprising of an Open Category, 18Under and a Women Category.

In the end the winners were as follows:

Open Category 

1st Place - Zhi Chen

2nd Place – Carlos Cui

3rd Place – Latrell Solis (14 years old)

4th Place – Tux Vasquez

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Women Category  

1st Place – Petie Matus

2nd Place – Su Sen

3rd Place – Kayla Arnold

4th Place – Kelly Liu

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18 and Under Category 

1st Place – Amiri Hoare

2nd Place – Taye Parkinson

3rd Place – Luis Bardales

4th Place – Jaylen Nicholson

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Trophies were awarded to all top finishers, and were presented by BTTA Membership Director, Mrs. Janine Carballo along with BTTA President Tux Vasquez.

Annual Sponsors for this event was Barrow & Williams LLP who continues to provide support for the development of table tennis and this event in particular.

Special mention goes out to Latrell Solis who managed to place third in this year’s Open category. Junior player Latrell Solis (14yrs old) has been rapidly improving as he has repeatedly shown that he can compete at the highest levels of the game in Belize, placing third in this event and 1st just a few weeks ago in the B category of our 2nd Biannual RF&G National Ranking event.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and THANK YOU to the Sponsors, participants, spectators and organizers of this successful event. 

Also, a big thank you goes out to Mr. Su Hao Bo, who donated all the drinks for the event. Giving the spectators the opportunity to rightly predict the results of the finals in exchange for beverages of their choice surely made the finals a lot more interesting. Thanks, Mr. Su!!!

"the development continues......!!!".




 Sunday May 31, 2014


 The 2015 2nd Bi-Annual RF&G NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT was played this past weekend at the BES Auditorium.

With some 50 plus participants and playing in four different categories, the event started early Sunday morning with the ROUND ROBIN Elimination rounds for all four Divisions.

 After the round robin qualifiers wrapped up games continued into the afternoon with top performers in each group advancing to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION DRAW in all categories.

 In the A Division, after some intense matches the day closed off with an exciting finals that went down to the wire between Carlos Cui and Tyrone Tun. Carlos Cui won 3-2 just managing to edge out Tyrone in the finals set 13-11. 

The final results were as follows. 

            A - Division      

             1st – Carlos Cui

             2nd – Tyrone Tun

             3rd – Nicholas Martin

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 In the B Division, 10 players started out in the Round Robin Elimination groups with the top 8 advancing to the Double Elimination Finals.

 This time around #1 ranked Junior Player, Latrell Solis, played his first RF&G Ranking Tournament as an official member of the B Division Category. He joined the ranks of top B Division players like Sen Sen; 2015 1st Biannual RF&G Ranking Tournament Finalist; Hector Lopez, last year’s Finalist, Nicholas Martin, #1 seed coming into this event, and others. After some impressive play from players in this division, Latrell Solis made his way undefeated to the finals. Nicholas Martin fell to Latrell Solis in the top-half Semi-finals and had to make his way back to the finals from the bottom beating out Hector Lopez who got 3rd place, and who had beaten Yasser Musa who managed 4thplace. In the finals we saw young blood versus experience, with this time around youth managing to just edge out with a score of 3-2 in favor of Latrell Solis.

 The final results were as follows:

                 B - Division      

                1st – Latrell Solis

                2nd – Nicholas Martin

                3rd – Hector Lopez

                4th – Yasser Musa

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The C Division saw the largest group of players with some 30+ players taking part. This category proved to be the most competitive with many of the younger developing players proving to be advancing in their talent.

 John Delcid from Nazarene High School took the top position falling only once in the finals against Jaylen Nicholson of EP Yorke who would have had to beat John Delcid twice in the finals to claim the top spot. Amiri Hoare of SJC took third and Leo Carballo took fourth. It’s impressive to note that of the top four players in this division, three are junior players. Our junior players are making great headway to the top of the game.

 The final results were as follows.

                 C - Division      

             1st – John Delcid

             2nd – Jaylen Nicholson

             3rd – Amiri Hoare

             4th – Leo Carballo

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 The Women Division saw only 4 entries including our number 1 ranked player of the women division, Petie Matus. #2 seed, Su Sen, was determined as ever to come in and vie for the top spot. This time around we also saw our youngest female participant Kelly Liu, who is only 12 and is currently attending Belize Elementary School. Esperanza Leal rounded off the list of participants.

 Petie Matus advanced undefeated to the finals where she played Su Sen for the top spot. Petie Matus won convincingly with a score of 3-0. Kelly Liu had beaten Leal 3-0 in the quarters, but fell to Su Sen in the semis leaving Kelly with 3rd place and Esperanza with 4th.

 The final results were as follows.

                    WOMEN Division     

                  1st – Petie Matus

                  2nd – Su Sen

                  3rd – Kelly Liu

                  4th – Esperanza Leal

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Trophies were awarded to all the winners by the sponsors, RF&G Insurance Marketing Coordinator Ms. Sonia Tun. She thanked the BTTA for the opportunity to sponsor such a large event; one that included many junior players, as well as senior and women players. RF&G is one of the original sponsors of the BTTA with this being their 6th years of sponsoring this event, and promising to continue in 2016.

 BTTA Membership Director, Mrs. Janine Carballo assisted with the trophies presentation.

 BTTA Director Hector Lopez, thanked the Sponsors, RF&G for their continued support of the event, the players, organizers, and spectators for a very successful tournament.

 "the development continues......!!!"




2015 2nd BiAnnual Smart Junior Ranking Tournament
Sunday May 17, 2015
The 2015 2nd BiAnnual Smart Junior Ranking Tournament concluded this past Sunday May 17th. Over 60 junior players came out to the Belize Elementary Auditorium to compete for the top spots in three age categories.

After over 130 matches the top four in each age division were as follows:

12 and Under Division
1st Place - Taye Parkinson
2nd Place - Terry Su
3rd Place - Samron Pott
4th Place - Jayden Sutherland
15 and Under Division
1st Place - Latrell Solis
2nd Place - John Delcid
3rd Place - Mourice Alvarez
4th Place - Bjarne Gabourel
18 and Under Division
1st Place - Latrell Solis
2nd Place - Bjarne Gabourel
3rd Place - Eric Liu
4th Place - John Delcid
  We'd Like to extend a big thank you to SMART for sponsoring the event, the organizers, umpires, parents, participants, and all others who contributed towards making this event a success. Congratulations to all winners!!!




2015 - 5th annual 5barrel veteran championships


 Sunday April 26, 2015

The 2015 – 5th Annual 5BARREL Veteran Championships took place this past Sunday, April 26, 2015, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium.

The tournament started off with the top 16 Veteran Table Tennis players (35 years and over) competing for this title in a 16-Double Elimination Competition format.

Defending Champion Zhi Cheng and last year’s finalist Carlos Cui were among the veteran players in this competition.

Zhi Cheng made it to the finals in the upper division by defeating SP Chen, Hector Lopez, and Carlos Cui.

Tux Vasquez made his run to the finals by defeating Toni Liu and Harold Young, then after losing to Carlos Cui, worked his way back to the finals by defeating Siu Pan Chen, Hector Lopez and Carlos Cui who retired from the competition due to leg injury. Carlos Cui placed Third as a result. Hector Lopez placing fourth.

This left a Zhi Cheng vs Tux Vasquez finals. Zhi Cheng, as the defending champion for this event, went into the finals determined to overcome Tux Vasquez who had beat him in their last meeting in the 2015 RF&G 1st Biannual National Ranking Tournament. Tux Vasquez was hoping to pull off a win once again. Unfortunately for Tux, Cheng managed to win 3-1 in the finals.

The finals results were as follows:

             1st - Zhi Cheng 

           2nd – Tux Vasquez

           3rd - Carlos Cui

           4th – Hector Lopez

(click image to see more photos>>>>>





Travellers Liquors were once again the Proud Sponsors of this year’s 5th Annual event. Travelers Liquor's representative, Mr. Jordan Ramclam, congratulated the Association on the successful event and stated that they are proud to be a part of the table tennis movement here in Belize. He then awarded trophies to all winners with the assistance of our membership director, Mrs. Janine Carballo.

A big Thank You.... goes out to the Sponsors, Travelers Liquors, players, spectators and organizers of this year’s event.


"the development continues.....!!


2015 - 3rd Annual Don omario's top 32 - 18under cup


2015 - 3rd Annual Don Omario's Top 32 18UNDER CUP

Saturday April 11, 2015
The 2015 - 3rd Annual Don Omario's TOP 32 18UNDER CUP took place this Saturday, April 11, 2015 at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

The TOP 32 best 18UNDER junior players started out in a Double Elimination Format event with defending Champion Fabio Carballo; #1 ranked junior, Gian Lisbey; 2014 junior player of the year, Latrell Solis; and 2015 Primary School Champion, Bjarne Gabourel all included in the list of participants.

Carballo has managed so far to secure the title for 2 years in a row winning the Championship "back-to-back" undefeated. A third win this year would have meant that he would be able to keep the cup, but with many other juniors thirsty for the cup, it proved quite a challenge for Carballo. Carballo managed to make it to the semifinals of the loser's bracket by deafeating Kevin Chen, Taye Parkinson, Trevon Brown, and Latrell Solis, before falling to Bjarne Gabourel in the winner's bracket, sending him down to the loser's bracket where he played Latrell Solis again. This time he was unsuccessful at securing the win over Latrell Solis, putting him in third place for this year's event. 

Taye Parkinson made an impressive run this Tournament being the youngest of the finalists at only 10 years old. Taye is #1 in the 12 and Under age division, but he has consistently shown to be competitive even in the older age divisions, especially here at the Don Omario's Cup, an 18 and Under event. Having to shake off some dust from his break over the Easter, he played his first few matches shakily, but as he progressed further into the draw his agressive game became more consistent and he managed to secure the 4th place position beating Sergio Pech in the 1st round, losing to Fabio Carballo in the second Round, and making his way back up with wins over Jarerd Mena, Amiri Hoare, Luis Bardalez, Trevon Brown, and John Delcid, before falling to Latrell Solis in the quarterfinals.

#2 seed and player of the year 2014, Latrell Solis, came into this tournament hungry for a win as he has been struggling with his game over the past several weeks - having not placed in his last tournament, the 1st Bi-Annual RF&G National Ranking Tournament. He made his way to the finals with wins over Jason Rong, Daryl Palacio, Luis Bardalez, in the winner's bracket, and Eric Liu, Taye Parkinson, and Fabio Carballo in the Loser's Bracket. He met Bjarne Gabourel, who was waiting for him undefeated in the finals. Bjarne Gabourel, had made his run to the finals beating out Rohit Pagarani, Terry Su, John Delcid, and Fabio Carballo. 

Latrell Solis and Bjarne Gabourel battled it out in finals showcasing excellent play from both sides with Latrell managing to secure the victory in a tight match 3-2. Because Bjarne Gabourel had been undefeated and because it's a Double Elimination tournament, Latrell Solis would need to beat Bjarne Gabourel twice in order for him to hold the DON OMARIO's CUP as his own. They quickly jumped into their second match and Latrell came out on top with a convincing score of 3-0.   

The final results were as follows:

2015 - 3rd Annual Don Omario's TOP 32 CUP

       1st - Latrell Solis   
      2nd - Bjarne Gabourel
      3rd - Fabio Carballo 
      4th - Taye Parkinson 
Trophies and the Championship CUP were presented to the winners on behalf of the Sponsors "Travellers" by BTTA Membership Director Mrs. Janine Carballo and Executive Committee Member Mr. Hector Lopez.

CONGRATULATION to the winners and a special THANK YOU to the Sponsors "Travellers" for their continued sponsorship and support in the development of table tennis in the junior players.

THANK YOU also goes out to all the players, parents, spectators and organizers of this event.

"the development continues......!!"
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2015 – 4th Annual DUTCH LADY Primary School Tournament




Friday, March 27 2015



The 2015 4th Annual DUTCH LADY Primary School Table Tennis Tournament took place this past Friday, March 27, 2015 at the BES Auditorium. 

This year 90 students participated from 8 of our local primary schools. These included St. Joseph, Trinity Methodist, St. Mary’s, Hummingbird, Belize Elementary, Wesley Upper Primary, Ephesus, and Holy Redeemer.

This year was also the first year that the primary school tournament has included a Girls Division with 18 girls from 4 different primary schools participating. These schools included Belize Elementary, St. Mary’s, St. Joseph, and Hummingbird.

The format for this year’s tournament was a Round Robin, where the number one player from each group would advance to a Main Double Elimination Draw, and the number two player from each group would advance to a Single Knockout Consolation Draw. This format was used for both the Boys and Girls Divisions.

The competition kicked off at 9am with the opening ceremonies led by BTTA president Arturo Vasquez and the national anthem played by Carlos Cui, one of our very own top ranked players, and his family. Ariel Guerrero, our tournament referee, briefly explained the tournament ground rules and matches commenced shortly after.

Over 200 matches were played throughout the event.

In the Boys Division 24 juniors advanced to the Main Double Elimination Draw. These included top ranked juniors Terry Su, Sergio Pech, Rohit Pagarani, and Eric Li from Belize Elementary; Taye Parkinson, Bjarne Gabourel, Kevin Pelayo, Tarique Reyes, and Jayden Sutherland from St. Joseph; David Portillo from Ephesus; Samron Pott from Hummingbird; and Jose Castellanos from Trinity Methodist.

Top seed junior player Bjarne Gabourel from St. Joseph made it to the finals by defeating David Portillo (2–0), Eric Li (2-1), Samron Pott (2-1), and Taye Parkinson (3-1).

Taye Parkinson, also from St. Joseph, made it to the finals by defeating Jose Castellanos (2-0), Jeran Perez (2-0), Jonah Chebat (2-0), and Sergio Pech (2-0). He lost to Bjarne Gabourel in the Winner’s Bracket Semifinals and fell into the loser’s bracket, but made his way back to the finals by defeating Samron Pott (3-1). The finals was an All St. Joseph affair with Bjarne Gabourel emerging victorious after an impressive match of offense over defence. Taye Parkinson who is well known for his aggressive style was forced into playing a more controlled defensive game as he tried to keep up with Bjarne’s relentless attacks. Bjarne took the match 3 games to 2.

Samron Pott from Hummingbird and Terry Su from Belize Elementary played for third and fourth with Samron Pott winning over Terry (2-1). This was an emotional match for Samron Pott as he’s fallen to Terry Su quite a few times in past tournaments. The win definitely meant a great deal to him as was clearly shown in his celebration after closing the match.

In the Boys Consolation Draw newcomer Anthony Usher of Holy Redeemer made an impressive run to the finals blazing through the bottom half of the draw beating out Jose Mendez of St. Joseph (2-0), Brendan Bouloy of Belize Elementary (2-0), and Edward Matus of St. Joseph (2-1). In the top half of the draw Vinay Hotchandani of Belize Elementary managed to reach the finals by deafeating David Thurton of St. Joseph (2-1), Ethan Dawson of Belize Elementary (2-1), and Johun Reyes (2-0) also of Belize Elementary. The finals was a Holy Redeemer and Belize Elementary match-up with Belize Elementary taking the Boys Consolation - Vinay Hotchandani winning over Anthony Usher 3 games to 1.

In the Girls Division, 6 juniors made it to the Main Double Elimination Draw. These were Allika Forman of St. Mary’s, Jazira Butler and Jennifer Barientos of St. Joseph, Abigail Thurton and Aejelee Thurton of Hummingbird and Kelly Liu of Belize Elementary.

Allika Forman made her way to the finals by defeating St. Joseph’s Jazira Butler (2-0), falling to the loser’s bracket at the hands of Belize Elementary’s Kelly Liu (0-2), only to return back to the finals after defeating Jazira Butler yet again in the loser’s bracket semifinals. Kelly Liu advanced to the finals with a Bye in the first round, then by beating Aejelee Thurton of Hummingbird (2-0), and then Allika Forman (2-0) in the Winner’s Bracket Semis. Kelly then waited in the finals for Allika Forman who had made her way back to the finals and won over Allika Forman 3 games to 1.

6 Juniors also made it into the Girls Consolation Knockout Draw. Afeni Lamb and Brianna Bennit both of St. Joseph Primary, Nina Azueta and Haily Thurton of Hummingbird, and Irene Hung and Fiona Yang of Belize Elementary all made it out of their respective groups. Afeni Lamb of St. Joseph won the Girls Consolation beating out Fiona Yang of BES (2-0), and Irene Hung also of BES 2 game to 0.

The final results of all Divisions were as follows:

Boys Division 

1st – Bjarne Gabourel - St. Joseph Primary School 

2nd – Taye Parkinson - St. Joseph Primary School

3rd – Samron Pott - Hummingbird Primary School

4th – Terry Su - Belize Elementary Primary School

Boys Consolation

1st – Vinay Hotchandani – Belize Elementary Primary School

2nd – Anthony Usher – Holy Redeemer Primary School

3rd – Edward Matus – St. Joseph Primary School

3rd – Johun Reyes - Belize Elementary Primary School

Girls Division

1st – Kelly Liu – Belize Elementary Primary School

2nd – Allika Forman - St. Mary’s Primary School

3rd – Jazira Butler – St. Joseph Primary School

4th – Aejelee Thurton - Hummingbird Primary School

Girls Consolation

1st – Afeni Lamb – St. Joseph Primary School

2nd – Irene Hung – Belize Elementary Primary School

3rd – Fiona Yang – Belize Elementary Primary School

3rd – Hailey Thurton – Hummingbird Primary School

Last Year’s Primary School Tournament was an all St. Joseph affair with all places 1st to 4th going to St. Joseph Primary. This year, as the results show, more schools are sharing the top positions. This is a testament of the development of the individual table tennis programs in each of the schools. We hope to continue with our school development initiative assuring that it remains competitive.  

Mrs. Aisha Rudon representing the SPONSORS Santiago Castillo's DUTCH LADY was on hand to present the trophies and gift packages to the winners of this event.

Mrs. Rudon thanked the BTTA for the opportunity to be a part of the development of table tennis, and to be the proud sponsors of this annual event where Primary Schools junior players are given this opportunity to showcase their talent and love for their sport of table tennis.

BTTA President also gave thanks to the SPONSORS for their continued support and welcomed their continued support of this event.

Trophies were awarded to the top four finalists of the Main Draws for both Boys and Girls Divisions, and medals were presented to the top performer in both Consolation Draws. Gift packages of products from DUTCH LADY were also presented to all winners in each division.

This year the Championship Cup was reclaimed by St. Joseph Primary who won the Cup last year as Bjarne Gabourel of St. Joseph was the overall Winner in the Boys Division.

This makes for St. Joseph’s second win. If they manage to win for a third year in a row they get to keep the cup. For now St. Joseph gets to hold on to this Cup until next year’s event.

We thank all the players, participating schools, parents, spectators, organizers and especially the SPONSORS DUTCH LADY for another successful Primary School event. The increase in number of students participating this year and the overall level of competitiveness observed over the event proves that table tennis is growing in our junior segment and that much more can be expected as we continue to move forward.


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"The Development Continues.....!!"


 Sunday - March 15, 2015 
The 2015 - 1st RF&G NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT took place this past Sunday, March 15, 2015 at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

Some 50 table tennis players ranging from the top A, B & C Division players to the junior players, and women players participated in this annual NATIONAL RANKING event.

The A Division Category saw 4 of the top senior players compete in a Double Elimination Final round to determine the winners.

The results were as follows:

A - Division        
1st - Carlos Cui
2nd - Tux Vasquez
3rd - Zhi Cheng
4th - Tyrone Tun
In the B Division Category 8 of the B Category players competed in a Round Robin classification event with the top 6 advancing to the Double Elimination FINALS.

Results were as follows:

B - Division           
1st - Gabriel Guerrero
2nd - Sen Sen
3rd - Yasser Musa
4th - Fabio Carballo

 In the C Division Category over 32 players, including many of the top junior players, competed in a Round Robin classification event with the 16 players advancing to a Double Elimination FINALS.

The results were as follows:

C - Division         
1st - Bjorne Gabourel
2nd - Luis Bardalez
3rd - Fabio Carballo
4th - Jaylen Nicholson

The Women Division saw 4 players competing for the top spot in that category. Competition in this event was a Double Elimination FINALS.

The results were as follows:
Women Division 
1st - Sue Sen
2nd - Tyola Casimero
3rd - Samira Pott
4th - Kayla Arnold

The event ended with trophies being awarded to all the winner by the BTTA Membership Director, Mrs. Janine Carballo representing the sponsors RF&G Insurance.

The President of the BTTA remarked on the continued support of RF&G Insurance now going over 5 years and thanked them for their continued support to the development of table tennis in Belize.

We thank the sponsors RF&G Insurance Company Ltd. for their continued support, as well as all the players, spectators, organizers and supporters for making this past event another successful tournament.

"the development continues....."



2015 1st smart bi-annual junior ranking tournament

Sunday March 1, 2015
The 2015 1st Bi-Annual JUNIOR RANKING TOURNAMENT kicked off on Saturday February 28, 2015 at the BES Auditorium with junior players in three Categories competing for this years title. 

Some 120 junior players participated in this years event.

Categories were

Competition format was a Round Robin Classification followed by Double Elimination FINAL Round.

In the 12UNDER Category 14 groups started with winners of each group advancing to the Double Elimination FINALS.

The results were as follows
!st - Taye Parkinson
2nd - Terry Su
3rd - Jared Mena
4th - Jayden Sutherlnd

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In the 15UNDER Category 22 groups started with the winners advancing to the Double Elimination Finals.

The results were as follows:
1st - Latrell Solis
2nd - Bjourne Gabourel
3rd - John Delcid
4th - Amiri Hoare

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The 18UNDER Category had 7 groups with the winers advancing to the Double Elimination final round.

The results were:
1st - Latrell Solis
2nd - Eric Liu
3rd - Mishek Musa
4th - John Delcid

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Trophies were awarded to all 4 winners by SMARTS Public Relations officer Mrs. Linette Canto.

SMART is the official sponsor of this Bi-Annual event for the past 3 years.

We thank all the players, participants, parents and organizers of the event for making this another successful tournament.

Big THANK YOU to SMART for their continued support to the development of Table Tennis. 

"the development continues.....!!"

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2015 central American U15 & u18 junior championships

January 21 - 24, 2015

Belize was represented in the Central American U15 & U18 Table Tennis Championships held in El Salvador from January 21st to the 24th, 2015. Three junior players from the Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA), namely John DelcidLatrell Solis, and Jaylen Nicholson participated in three categories at the event; Team, Singles, and Doubles. All played in the U15 category. 

The tournament kicked off with the Team Event on the first day with round robin matches. The 8 participating countries were placed into two Groups. Group 1 included El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. Belize was in Group 2 along with Honduras, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Belize played Honduras in the first match and managed to win 3-0. Belize then played Costa Rica but lost 0-3. Our matches were very close, however, almost all being played to the fifth set. We played Mexico last and lost 0-3. These were very tough matches as Mexico's experience and skill level is unmatched in our region. It was great experience for our young players. 

John Delcid and Latrell Solis also played in the doubles event. This event utilized a straight knockout format. We played against Honduras in our first match. We lost 2-3, 9-11 in the last set after being down 5 points at 4-9. This match was extremely close, but the more experienced Honduras took the match in the end.

On the third day the singles event kicked off. Each junior was placed in separate groups. Latrell Solis was placed in a group of 4 which included Honduras, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. Jaylen Nicholson was in a group of 3 which included Mexico and Guatemala. John Delcid was placed in a group of 3 as well which included Honduras and Nicaragua. Latrell Solis and Jaylen Nicholson were unable to make it out of their tough groups, but John Delcid, who had a slightly less difficult group, was able to make it out with one win over Antione Rivera from Honduras 3-1. John advanced to the main draw.

On the final day, the main draw of the singles event was played. John played his first match against Genaro Roustan from Nicaragua. John lost 1-3, but again games were relatively close, 11-6 or better. 

In the end, despite not being able to place top 3 in the event, we feel ecstatic about our juniors' overall performance. Our juniors are playing at regional level and competitively. Our competitors had to bring out their very best games in order to win. We are confident that so long as we continue to work with our juniors we will advance further into the draw the next time we participate regionally. 

All three Juniors who represented us in El Salvador are products of our School Development Initiative which we started three years ago and our National Junior Development Program. Their participation and performance in El Salvador shows that we are on the right track towards developing a stronger Belizean Table Tennis. 

The BTTA would like to once again thank the Belize Olympic Committee for its support, the junior players and their parents for their dedication and hard work, our Technical Director, Gabriel Guerrero, for preparing the juniors leading up to the event and for working with them as coach during the event, and all others who contributed towards making this event a successful one.

 The Development Continues...




Sunday January 25, 2015

                                                  Champions of the tournament
 Participants and organizers of this years event