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Sunday December 2, 2012
 Belize Elementary School Auditorium

Visiting Belizean Veteran takes the Men Singles title


Eric Stamp


Fabio Carballo 


 The BES auditorium was the stage for this years 2012 BNE NATIONAL TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

The competition "kicked off" at approximately 9:30AM on Sunday. December 2, 2102 with the Belize National Anthem, played by Carlos Cui and his violin "trio".  Immediately following the Anthem, there was a few words delivered by the sponsors, Belize Natural Energy, who declared the competition open.

With ALL CATEGORIES played in "Knock Out" format, the first round of the MEN SINGLES started at approximately 9:45. Some 31 players started this event with all the "top seeds" advancing to the Semi Finals. In the upper bracket, #1 seed, Carlos Cui advanced to the Semi Finals with a BYE in the first match and then defeating Jason Lin and David Vernon. In the Semi Finals, Cui defeated top veteran Ernesto "Brads" Rivero, 3-0, to advance to the Finals.

In the bottom bracket, #2 seed, visiting Belizean veteran, Eric Stamp, advance to the semi finals by defeating Bryton Codd, Aaron Stock and Dan Habet, In the Semi Finals, Stamp defeated Davis Huang, 3-0, to advance to the finals against Cui.

After a extremely close and "nail biting" finals, visiting Belizean veteran, Eric Stamp "edged out" local favorite, Carlos Cui by a close score of 3-2. Stamp therefore took the "top spot" in this years NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Final results - Men Singles
1st - Eric Stamp
2nd - Carlos Cui
3rd - Davis Huang
4th - Ernesto Rivero
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The WOMEN SINGLES stated out with 6 participants competing for the title. #1 seed Petie Matus, once again took home the "top honors" by making it to the finals by defeating Nikki Chen, and Wei Rong Huang.
In the bottom bracket, Huang made it to the finals with a BYE in the first match and then defeating Samira Musa Pott in the semi finals.
Petie Matus defeated Wei Rung Huang 3-0 in the finals.

Final results - Women Singles
1st - Petie Matus
2nd - Wei Rong Huang
3rd - Samira Musa Pott
4th - Nikki Chen
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In the "young generation" 15UNDER/CADET division, some 16 young and energetic junior players competed for this very important category. As the future champions of the sport, these young players displayed what can only be described as EXCELLENT competition in their division.
With a few "unexpected" results the upper bracket saw top seed Matthew Usher advancing to the finals by defeating Issac Hines, Henry Miguel and top seed Harim Ochaeta.
In the bottom bracket, Fabio Carballo made it to the finals by defeating Christopher Peyrefitte, Daniel Echeverria, and top seed Gian Lisbey.
In the final match, the unexpected results saw Fabio Carballo, new and energetic player to the stage taking out top seed and recently crowned Primary School Champion, Matthew Usher in a very close match by a score of 3-2. This match could easy be described as the "match of the day"!!!!

Final results - 15Under/Cadet
1st - Fabio Carballo
2nd - Matthew Usher
3rd - Harim Ochaeta
4th - Gian Lisbey
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The MIXED DOUBLES saw 7 double teams competing for the title. Billy Musa Jr. and Samira Musa Pott, of local tennis fame, made it to the finals by defeating MIke Rivero & Kayla Arnold, followed by Marion Usher & Matthew Usher. 
In the bottom bracket, Aaron Stock & Nikki Chen made it to the finals by first defeating Delarai Sanchez & Daniel Sanchez, followed by Davis & Wei Rong Huang.
In the final match saw Aaron Stock & Nikki Chen defeating Davis & Rei Rong Huang to capture the championship spot.

Final results - Mixed Doubles:
1st - Aaron Stock/Nikki Chen
2nd - Billy Musa Jr./Samira Musa Pott
3rd - Davis Huang/Wei Rong Huang
4th - Matthew Usher/Marion Usher
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The MENS DOUBLES category started out with 15 doubles partners challenging this division. With all the teams evenly matched, the competition saw Eric Stamp & Aaron Stock making it to the finals by taking out Harim Ochaeta & Billy Musa Jr., Dan Habet & Jamil Bedran, and Tyrone Tun & Davis Huang.
In the bottom bracket, Carlos Cui & Hector Lopez advanced to the finals by defeating Ernesto Rivero & Mike Rivero, Jason Lin & David Ho, and Nick Martin & Willie Cheng.
In the final match, Eric Stamp & Aaron Stock defeated Carlos Cui & Hector Lopez in a closely played match by a score of 3-2.

Final results - Mens Doubles:
1st - Eric Stamp/Aaron Stock
2nd - Carlos Cui/Hector Lopez
3rd - Davis Huang/Tyrone Tun
4th - Nick Martin/Wilfredo Chang
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The competition concluded with the awards ceremonies, and a few closing remarks by the sponsors BNE, Marion Usher who congratulated the Belize Table Tennis Association for a job well done, and a hope to be able to sponsor this event in the comping years. Also on hand to deliver a few important words was Mr. Owen "Sonny" Meighan, executive member of the Belize Olympic Committee, who also congratulated the association for a good job and proposed to continue to give support to the association in the development of the sport in the primary schools, a project that is planned for 2013 by the BTTA.

Trophies were awarded to all the winners from 1st to 4th positions in all categories.

The President of the BTTA closed the day by thanking all the players, participants, spectators, sponsors and especially the organizers for the continued help in developing the sport of table tennis to a level never before seen in the country of Belize. He also informed the audience of the 2013 plans of the BTTA, which included the 2013 Tournament Calendar, and the introduction of more Junior and Ladies categories in 2013.

The plans of development in the Primary and Secondary Schools is also a "priority" for the BTTA in 2013.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the WINNERS, and a Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to every one!!!!!!

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"the development continues........!!!!!"




2012 - 1st annual primary school tournament

Friday November 30, 2012
SPONSORS - Santiago Castillo Limited


Matthew Usher wins 1st Primary School Tournament


 Belize Elementary School WINS CHAMPIONS CUP

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The 1st Annual Primary School Table Tennis Tournament took place last Friday, November 30, 2012 at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

Competing in this this 1st years event were 5 of the main Primary Schools in the city. St. Marys Primary School, Wesley Upper Primary School, Trinity Methodist Primary School, St Joseph Primary School, and host Belize Elementary Primary School.

With some 40 students participating, the tournament started off with a first ROUND ROBIN competition in which the 40 students were separated into 8 groups of 5. The top 2 from each group would advance to the FINAL 16 DOUBLE ELIMINATION competition.

Making it to the final 16 round were, Matther Usher, Wayne Parham, Amiri Hoare, Latrel Solis, Jaylen NIcholson, Lynn Augustine, Zack Ortiz, Rohan Gillett, Tyrone Brown, Alexis Tun, Cuison Wong, Mario Galindo, Idelfonso cu, Kristian Swasey, Luis Bardalez, & Edwin Quan rounding off the 16.

Making it to the finals and taking the top four positions were:

Final results:
1st - Matthew Usher - Belize Elementary School
2nd - Tyrone Brown - St. Joseph Primary School
3rd - Kristian Swasey - Belize Elementary School
4th - Rohan Gillett - St. Joseph Primary School

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On hand to present trophies to the 4 top finishers, and a "gifts pack" and certificate of participation to ALL the students was Mrs. Noemi Espat, representing the Sponsors, Santiago Castillo Ltd. She congratulated all the student on their participation and the BTTA on a tournament well organized.

A final "thank you" was given to all the students, participants, and school organizers for a successful event.

This will be an Annual event and we hope to see many other schools participating in the years to come. Santiago Castillo Ltd. has promised to sponsor next years event as well.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!!!!

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"the development continues...!!!"






Sunday November 25, 2012

After some 7 weeks of competition, and a total of 17 teams competing, the 2012 Annual brothers HABET Team League came to an end this past Sunday, November 25, 2012 with the top 4 teams from both 1st & 2nd Division competing in the FINAL 4 to determine the eventual winners.

In the 1st Division, the Semi Final Round began at about 9:30AM with Team GARAGE going up against Team WELDERS with Garage winning (5-3) and advanced to the FINALS. In the other Semi Finals, Team HURRICANE played Team CUZ with CUZ winning (5-4) and also advanced to the finals.

In the afternoon, Team GARAGE and Team CUZ played for the CHAMPIONSHIP with Team GARAGE winning a closely contested finals winning (5-4) and taking 1st PLACE position. Team HURRICANE and Team WELDERS played for the 3rd and 4th place positions.

In the end the results were as follows:

1st - Team GARAGE  (CHAMPIONS) 2 years in a row!!!
2nd - Team CUZ
3rd - Team HURRICANE
4th - Team WELDERS 

In the 2nd DIVISION Semi-Final matches, Team GARAGE defeated Team BISMARK (5-2) and thereby advancing to the FINALS. The other Semi-Final match saw Team TALLAWAH going up against Team PING PANG, with PING PANG winning (5-2) and advancing to the FINALS.

The afternoon matches was Team GARAGE playing Team PING PANG  for the CHAMPIONSHIP, with GARAGE taking the win by a close margin (5-4). Team TALLAWAH also played Team BISMARK for 3rd & 4th place positions.

In the end, the results were as follows:

1st - Team GARAGE (CHAMPIONS) 3 years in a row!!!
2nd - Team PING PANG
3rd - Team BISMARK
4th - Team TALLAWAH

On hand to present the trophies to the winners was Mr. Carlo Habet, Marketing Manager for the sponsors, brother HABET who congratulated all the winners. He expressed satisfaction and continued support to table tennis from his company. This is the 4th year that brothers HABET has been sponsoring thie annual Team League.

Also on hand to say a few words to the spectators and players, was Mr. Herman Longsworth, Minister of Sports, who also expressed his satisfaction with the tournament, and the commitment of his Ministry in supporting the sport of Table Tennis.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and a big THANK YOU to all the players, spectators, organizers, sponsors, and everyone else who made this even a GREAT SUCCESS. We can only expect this event to grow bigger with more junior players now competing and participating in table tennis.

"the development continues......!!!!"


2012 brothers habet team league

Sunday September 30, 2012

The 2012 brothers HABET TEAM LEAGUE kicked off this Sunday at approximately 9:30AM at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium.

With some 17 teams participating in this years TEAM LEAGUE, the opening ceremonies started with welcoming comments and address followed by the Belize National Anthem. On hand to provide comments from the SPONSORS, was Mr. Carlo Habet, Marketing Director for brothers HABET. Mr. Habet congratulated the association for their work in developing the sport of table tennis, in particular the involvement of junior players. This years has some 5 teams that are comprised of student and CADET player. He also thanks the association for the opportunity to be a sponsor of the annual TEAM LEAGUE, which is now in it's 4th year.

Following the opening comments the BELIZE NATIONAL ANTHEM was performed by Carlos Cui and his "quartet".

With all the formalities completed, the morning session got under way with 6 team matches scheduled in both 1st and 2nd Divisions.

The results of the morning session were as follows:

- Team Cuz defeated Team Racquetters = 5-4
- Team Hurricane defeated Team Welders = 5-2

- Team Tallawah defeated Team Phoenix = 5-1
- Team Racqueteers defeated Team Turds = 5-0
- Team Bismark defeated SJC Young Warriors = 5-0
- Team Garage defeated BDF Spin Kings = 5-2

The competition continued in the afternoon with an additional 6 Team matches schedule.

The results of the afternoon session were as follows:

- Team Welders defeated Team Raqueterrrs = 5-3
- Team Garage defeated Team Hurricanes = 5-3

- Team Ping Pang defeated SJC Snipers = 5-1
- SJC Lightspeed defeated SJC Strikers = 5-0
- Team Tallawah defeated Racquetters = 5-0
- Team Phoenix defeated SJC Young Warriors = 5-4

After a full day of team competition, the games concluded around 4:30PM.

The TEAM LEAGUE continues on Saturday, October 6, 2012 @ 1:30PM at BES Auditorium, with 6 Team matches scheduled for that day.

Full schedule of matches can be seen @ ""

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Harim Ochaeta Jr. and Mishek Musa to represent Belize in Guatemala

August 23, 2012

Harim Ochaeta Jr. and Mishek Musa to represent Belize in Guatemala

Representing Belize at the CODICADER games in Guatemala from August 26 – 31, 2012 will be two of our CADET Champions.

Harim and Mishek have proven themselves to be two of the better CADET players, and will be representing the BTTA at the games in Guatemala.

They will join several other athletes in Guatemala and will participate in singles & double matches at the games.

We wish both players the best of luck, and we are certain that they will return with a wealth of experience and encouragement to continue to develop their table tennis skills.


 Harim and Mishek at CODICADER games in Guatemala



2012 - 2nd annual 5barrel veterans championship

BES Auditorium - Sunday September 2, 2012


        Carlos Cui - ELITE Champ                   Willie Chang - NON-ELITE Champ


 In keeping with the SEPTEMBER CELEBRATIONS the 2nd Annual Table Tennis 5BARREL Veterans Championship took center stage at the BES Auditorium.

The opening ceremonies began the games with the
Belize National Anthem played by Carlos Cui and his violin group. Opening remarks were given by the President of the BTTA, followed by a few words by the SPONSORS - Travellers Liquors represented by Mr. Mieto Perdomo.

With some 32 Veteran Table Tennis players converging at the BES auditorium, the stage was set for the Annual Veterans Championship. Players had to be 35 years and older.

The first round of the competition featured
8 ROUND ROBIN Groups that played throughout the morning session to qualify players in each group to advance to the second KNOCKOUT ROUND in two categories.

ELITE & NON-ELITE KNOCKOUT CATEGORIES were decided by the ROUND ROBIN and in the afternoon games, the stage was then set for this FINAL round of competition to determine the winners in each group.

Advancing to the KNOCKOUT were the top 4 players in each group, with the top two moving into the
ELITE KNOCKOUT, and the second two finishers advancing the NON-ELITE KNOCKOUT.

In the
ELITE KNOCKOUT the top seed, Carlos Cui advanced to the finals by defeating Harry Eusey, Billy Musa Jr. and then Hector Lopez, to move into the FINALS.

On the other side of the draw, Davis Huang made it to the finals by defeating Mark Williams, Moses Babb and Sen Sen to then play cui in the FINALS. In the end, Carlos Cui emerged the ELITE CHAMPION by defeating Huang by a score of 3-0, making his record a perfect one by not losing a single match throughout the FINALS.

Hector Lopez then defeated Sen Sen to capture the 3rd and 4th place

Final results were as follows: (click photo below for more images......)

1st - Carlos Cui
2nd - Davis Huang
3rd - Hector Lopez
4th - Sen Sen
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In the
NON-ELITE KNOCKOUT CATEGORIES Wilfredo Chang made it to the FINALS by defeating Mark Musa, Mike Castillo, and Russell Gillett to make it to the FINALS.

On the other side of the draw, Ricky Usher defeated Wayne Eiley, Vernon Card, and then Austin Waight to meet Chang in the FINALS. In the end Wilfredu Chang defeated Ricky Usher to take the "top spot" by a score of 3-0.

Austin Waight then defeated Russell Gillett to decide the 3rd and 4th places.

Final results were as follow:
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1st - Wilfredo Chang
2nd - Ricky Usher
3rd - Austin Waight
4th - Russell Gillett

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After a full day of table tennis, the final winners were all determined by around 4:30PM, with the awards ceremonies then following. On hand to make the presentations to all the WINNERS was
Ms. Amanda Perdomo, Director of the SPONSORS - Travellers Liquors. In her remarks Ms. Perdomo complemented the association for an excellent tournament, and expressed her interest in sponsoring the sport of table tennis. She further committed to the continued support of the Veterans Championship, and also committed to providing support the the junior table tennis players, by sponsoring a CADET/JUNIOR event later on this years that will be "label" the "DON OMARIO CUP".

The "DON OMARIO CUP" would be in dedication to Mr. Omario Perdomo, the founder of Travellers, whose favorite sport was table tennis. More details to come on this event.

The BTTA president closed by thanking all the players, sponsors, spectators and organizers of this event, as well as welcoming back the veteran players that took part. Some of these players were away from the sport for some 20 years or more.

Another successful event by the BTTA, as well as another "great initiative" in developing a competition that allows past players to once again become a part of the "table tennis family".



"the development continues...........!!!"



Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Belize Elementary School auditorium, "the home of table tennis", was this past Sunday the venue for the 2012 - Barrow & Williams SUMMER TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT.

The tournament "kicked off" at around 10:00AM on Sunday with the National Anthem and the official opening of the tournament. After a few words on behalf of the sponsors, the tournament commenced with games in both events. The OPEN Event and the 15UNDER/CADET Event.

In the OPEN Event, some 16 players started off in a DOUBLE ELIMINATION format to determine the winners. With the format allowing each player to lose two matches before being eliminated, by 11:00, there were 8 players now in the "winners bracket", and another 8 players down in the "losers bracket. From the 8 winners, the top 4 advanced to the semi finals. These players were Carlos Cui, Nick Martin, Davis Huang & Moses Babb.

Nick Martin was the #1 seed and he made it to the finals by defeating Leo Carballo, Davis Huang, Moses Babb before losing to Cui.

Carlos Cui went into the event as the #2 seed and he made it to the finals by defeating Fabio Carballo, Ravesh Sukhnandan, Mike Rivero and finally Martin to make it to the FINALS.

Cui and Martin played for the CHAMPIONSHIP at around 3:45Pm with Cui taking the title by a win of 3-1.

Davis Huang and Moses Babb played for the 3rd and 4th positions with Huang taking 3rd, and Babb settling for the 4th position.

The final results were as follows:

1st - Carlos Cui
2nd - NIck Martin
3rd - Davis Huang

4th - Moses Babb

 For detail results of this event go to:
- OPEN Category Double Elimination ""

In the 15UNDER/CADET Event, 5 junior players started out in a ROUND ROBIN first round event with each player going up against each other, with the top four advancing into a DOUBLE ELIMINATION final round.

Advancing to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION final round were Mishek Musa, Gian Lisbey, Ashar Arthurs & Fabio Carballo.

#1 seed Mishek Musa made it to the finals by defeating Fabio Carballo and Ashar Arthurs.

#3 seed Ashar Arthurs made it to the finals by first defeating Gian Lisbey then losing for the first time to Musa, and then returning to the finals by defeating Gian Lisbey again to make it to the final game against Musa with Musa taking the CHAMPIONSHIP by a win of 3-0.

Gian Lisbey took third place by defeating Fabio Carballo 3-2.

The final results were as follows:

1ST - Mishek Musa
2nd - Ashar Arthurs
3rd - Gian Lisbey
4th - Fabio Carballo

For detail results of this event go to:

- 15UNDER/CADET Round Robin ""


The competition was a great success and it was the 3rd year for this SUMMER TOURNAMENT to be staged.

For the second year, the sponsors were BARROW & WILLIAMS who have supported table tennis for some time now.

We thank all the players, spectators, organizers and especially the sponsors, Barrow & Williams for all their support in making this event another successful tournament by the Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA).

For photos of the event go to ""

"the development continues.......!!"



4th agm concludes - 2012


4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2012
The Belize Table Tennis Association

The 4th AGM of the Belize Table Tennis Association took place this past Saturday, July 7, 2012.

After the arrival of some 32 BTTA members, the meeting commenced at around 2:30PM with the welcome address by the President.
The last AGM minutes was reviewed and accepted by members present.

The Director's Report consisted of the President's report, which highlighted the past years developments and the remaining work to be done by the association. Highlighted in his report was the #1 Priority of developing the junior players in the association. The establishment of a National Junior selection was discussed with the intention to move ahead with that selection as soon as possible.

The work of the past executive was also highlighted, with some 10 executive committee meetings accomplished over the last year, as well as the introduction of the new BTTA Secretariat, which will work towards improving communication between the executive and the membership.

Also highlighted was the "Mentoring/Big Brother" program, as well as the affiliation club program that would eventually establish the "Club Competition". Both of these programs are still "work in progress".

Also highlighted was the continuation of the Primary School development program which began earlier this year with the donation of tables and equipment to some 5 Primary schools in the country. This development will continue in the coming year.

The "long term" dream of eventually owning our own association "Club House" remain on the agenda of the Executive, as well as the proposal to eventually implement a "Technical Director" to head the different development plans of the association.

The complete President's Report can be viewed on our web site @ ""

The Tournament Committee chairman also provided the highlight of the past year in tournaments, along with the upcoming tournaments for 2012. Several discussions came from the floor in regards to improving the running of the tournaments, including improvements to umpiring, scheduled days of tournaments, as well as improvements in "prizes". The tournament committee committed in improving these areas as best as possible.

The Treasurers report was delivered by the Treasurer, where he highlighted the income and expenses of the Association. Emphasis was made on the payment of membership fees, where we are only accomplishing some 30% of registered members actually paying their annual dues. We need to work towards accomplishing a much better percentage, as well as completing the "clean up" of the membership register to better reflect the "real" membership list, since some might no longer be official members of the BTTA.

With this year being an election year, and in keeping with the BTTA Constitution, three (3) directors were required to step down, allowing for continuity and "new" directors to step up. Two new directors were nominated and further elected to serve on the new Executive Committee which is now comprised of:


- Tux Vasquez
- Jorge Espat
- Marion Usher
- Petie Matus-Usher
- Hector Lopez
- Nicholas Martin (New)
- Wilfredo Chang (New)



Also officially appointed was the BTTA Legal Advisor, Mr. Rodwell Williams. A past director of the BTTA.

These new Directors will serve for the next two (2) years as stipulated in the BTTA Constitution.

The appointment of auditors was deferred by majority vote.

With no other business, the meeting concluded at approximately 3:55PM

With the participation of the members and the delivery of the business of the AGM, the meeting was a true SUCCESS.

"the development continues.....!!!!"

Belize Table Tennis Association
P.O. Box 544
1 Hydes Lane
Belize City, Belize



SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2012


The 2012 - GRACE STRONG & WEAK and 15UNDER/CADET TOURNAMENT got underway this Sunday. June 24, 2012 with two EVENTS competing.

With some 35 table tennis players participating, the event "kicked off" at approximately 10:00AM Sunday morning at the Belize Elementary Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

In the STRONG & WEAK EVENT, 15 Doubles TEAMS took part in a "Double Elimination" type competition, where the teams must lose two sets before being eliminated. This EVENT is made of of 1 Strong & 1 Weak player making up the doubles team. As the rule is made, the "top 25" rated players "cannot" player on the same double team. They must select a partner from the other rated players, making the "teams" more evenly matched.

Making it to the finals was the team of senior partner Hollis Parham & junior partner Harim Ochaeta, who made it to the finals by defeating, Wen Te Chen & Jason Lin, Jorge Espat & Joe Sukhnandan. They then lost to senior partner Tux Vasquez & junior partner Aaron Stock, by a score of 3-1. The rebounded in the "loser bracket" by defeating Carlos Cui & S.P. Cheng 3-1. This then took them to the "FINALS".

On the other side, Tux Vasquez & Aaron Stock made it to the finals "undefeated" by defeating Lopez & Perrera, Guerrero & Young, Cui & Cheng, and Parham & Ochaeta. These victories took them to the "FINALS" against Parham & Ochaeta.

In the FINALS Vasquez & Stock won the event by again defeating Parham & Ochaeta by a score of 3-1 giving them the CHAMPIONSHIP position.

The final results of this event was:

1st - Tux Vasquez & Aaron Stock
2nd - Hollis Parham & Harim Ochaeta
3rd - Carlos Cui & S.P. Cheng
4th - Nick Martin & Willie Chang

In the 15UNDER/CADET event, 7 junior players under the age of 15 participated in two groups of ROUND ROBIN competition with the "top two" from each category advancing to the Final DOUBLE ELIMINATION ROUND. Making it to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION were Harim Ochaeta, Ashar Arthurs, Misjek Musa & Matthew Usher.

Harim Ochaeta defeated Ashar Arthurs and Matthew Usher to make it to the FINALS. On the other side, Matthew Usher defeated Mishek Musa, lost to Ochaeta and then rebounded by defeating Ashar Arthurs to make it to the FINALS. In the end Ochaeta defeated Usher 3-2 to take the CHAMPIONSHIP position.

The final results of this event was:

1st - Harim Ochaeta
2nd - Matthew Usher
3rd - Ashar Arthurs
4th - Mishek Musa

All winners were awarded medals and on hand to deliver the medals was Mrs Trudy Suaso, Brand Manager for GRACE Kennedy Belize. She delivered the message to the participants and spectators on behalf of the sponsors, thanking them for the opportunity to support the table tennis event, and promise to continue to support this event. This is the 3 year that GRACE has sponsored this event for the table tennis association. We look forward to their continued participation in the future.

We thank all the players, spectators, and especially the organizers of this event for their usual support. Without them, this would not be possible.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and better luck to the others next time. the games were very exciting and evenly contested. It saw the participation of both senior and junior players, making the mix a good one, encouraging the junior players to continue to become better.

Complete tournament details attach for your information, along with some photos of the winners. More information is also available on our web site ""

"the development continues......!!!!"


Belize Table Tennis Association
P.O. Box 544
1 Hydes Lane
Belize City, Belize



 Sunday June 3, 2012 (BES Auditorium)


                                            NIck Martin                                                              Matthew Usher

The 2012 RF&G 2nd - Bi-Annual NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT concluded on Sunday June 3, 2012 at the BES auditorium with some very exciting matches.

With some 45 players participating in the tourrnament, the competition started on Saturday, June 2, 2012 with the 15UNDER Cadet division, which saw some 15 young and energetic table tennis players competing in the ROUND ROBIN first round competition. With the top 8 winners advancing the the DOUBLE ELIMINATION final round, defending Champion, Matthew Usher made it to the finals round four and eventually emerged the repeating Champion once again.

In the Semi-finals, he defeated Joshua Gegg to advance to the finals. On the other side of the Semi finals, Mishek Musa defeated Jemuel White and Joshua Gegg to advance to the finals against Usher. In the end Usher took the win by defeating Musa 3 to 1.

The winners were:

1st - Matthew Usher
2nd - Mishek Musa
3rd - Joshua Gegg
4th - Jemuel White


The competition continued on Sunday with the remaining division competing for the three different titles.

In the C Division, some 15 players participated in the ROUND ROBIN first round of the competition. With the top 8 advancing to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION, the competition saw the final 4 making it to the finals. Wen Te Chen, who made it all the way through undefeated, emerged the winner by first defeating Aaron Stock 3 to 1, and then in the Finals, defeated Stock once again 3 to1 to take the title.

On the other side of the semi's, Miguel Reyes defeated Reni Reyes Sr. and then lost to Stock who advance to the finals and lost to Chen.

The winners were:
1st - Wen Te Chen
2nd - Aaron Stock
3rd - Miguel Reyes
4th - Reni Reyes Sr.


In the B Division, some 14 players took to the tables in the ROUND ROBIN first round of the competition. The top 8 players advanced to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION with the final 4 making it to the finals.Tyrone Tun made it through to the finals undefeated with Hector Lopez also making it through to the finals.
Tun took the championship by first defeating Lopez in the semi's and then again in the finals by a score of 3 to 0. Lopez made it to the finals by defeating Mike Rivero 3 to 0, and them losing to Tun in the Finals.
Mike Rivero took 3rd place  by defeating Davis Huang 3 to 2 who took 4th place.

The winners were:
1st - Tyrone Tun
2nd - Hector Lopez
3rd - Mike Rivero
4th - Davis Huang


In the top A Division, only 4 top senior A players competed in a DOUBLE ELIMINATION final competition to determine the champion. In some very surprising matches top seed Carlos Cui and Ernesto Rivero fell to the younger Tyrone Tun and Nick Martin. Martin made it to the finals undefeated by first defeating Rivero, 3 to 0, Cui, 3 to 2, and finally Tun, 3 to 0, to emerge the 2012 Champion.
Tun first lost to Cui, and then rebounded in the losers bracket to defeat Rivero, 3 to 1, and Cui, 3 to 1 to advance to the finals against Martin where he lost, 3 to 0 to take second place.

The winners were:
1st - Nicholas Martin
2nd- Tyrone Tun
3rd - Carlos Cui
4th - Ernesto Rivero


Medals were awarded to the top 4 finishers in all four divisions. On hand to represent RF&G, the sponsor, was Mr. Gillian Smith, who spoke on behalf of the sponsor by thanking the Belize Table Tennis Association for a good show of partnership with RF&G.

The president of the BTTA also thanked RF&G for their continued sponsorship, which now spans over 2 years as sponsors of this event. RF&G is one of the first sponsors to assist the BTTA in the development of the sport of table tennis.

Thanks go out to all the participants, spectators and the organizers of this event, which ended in a very positive and successful manner

"the development continues......!!"

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


This Sunday, March 4, 2012 saw the conclusion of the
2012 1st Bi-Annual RF&G NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT, which took place at the BES Auditorium "the home of table tennis".

The tournament got underway at about 9:15 with the opening ceremonies, and the playing of the Belize National Anthem by Carlos Cui and his violin duet.

With some 50 participants, the competition was divided into three categories Category A,B &C, and open to all ages.

The competition started with ROUND ROBIN in each category with a total of 13 groups in total.

Winners from each ROUND ROBIN groups them advanced to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION competition to determine the final 4 winners.

In the A-Category, four finalist advanced to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION round with the Zhi Chen and Carlos Cui advancing in the winners circle, while Ernest Rivero and Nicholas Martin moving down into the loser bracket, with Martin defeating Rivero to take the 3rd position.
Zhi Chen and Carlos Cui then had to play off for the Championship position which Chen took after losing to Cui in the set.

In the end, the results were as follows:
1st - Zhi Chen
2nd - Carlos Cui
3rd - Nicholas Martin
4th - Ernesto Rivero

In the B- Category, 8 players advanced to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION round, with Jorge Espat, Hollis Parham, David Ho and Mario Guerrero advancing to the winners section, while Tyrone Tun, Moses Babb, Harold Young and Hector Lopez losing their first match and into the lower losers bracket.
In the winners bracket, Parham defeated Espat and Guerrero defeated Ho to advance to the semi-finals.
Tun then eliminated Espat, and Lopez eliminated Ho, leaving Guerrero, Parham, Tun and Lopez to battle for the final 4 spots.

In the end, the results were as follows:

1st - Mario Guerrero
2nd - Hollis Parham
3rd - Tyrone Tun
4th - Hector Lopez



In the C - Category, which was the larges of the categories we also had 8 players advance from the ROUND ROBIN competition to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION  final round. After the first round of matches, John Le, Aaron Stock, Matthew Usher and Harold Young made it to the "winners" bracket, while Miguel Reyes, Charlton Roches, Fabio Carballo, and Gian Lisbey losing their first match and ending up in the bottom "losers" bracket.
In the winners bracket, Stock defeated Le and Young defeated Usher to advance to the semi-finals.
Le then eliminated Reyes and Carballo eliminated Usher, leaving Stock, Young, Le and Carballo to play for the final 4 positions.

In the end, the results were as follows:
1st - Harold Young
2nd - Aaron Stock
3rd - John Le
4th - Fabio Carballo

The finals of all the categories were well contested with games going down to "the wire" so to speak. We saw some great improvements in our young and upcoming players like Fabio Carballo and Aaron Stock, who did make it to the finals 4 positions. Not to be left unnoticed, other junior players like Harim Ochaeta, Matthew Usher, Gian Lisbey and Ashar Arthurs did provide excellent competitions along the way. The spectators were definitely treated to some excellent matches by these junior players.

CONGRATULATIONS goes out to all the winners, and a big THANK YOU to all participants, as well as the spectators who came out to support this event.

We also thank the sponsors RF&G who continue to sponsor and support the development of table tennis. As one of our "original" sponsors, RF&G is now into their 3 year of providing their sponsorship the the BTTA.

On hand to deliver remarks and medals to the event was Ms. Eden Cruz who did an excellent representation of the sponsors, and who also supported and cheered on the different players during the final competition rounds.

Ms. Cruz thanked the spectators and players for their participation and provided the commitment from the sponsors. We thank Ms. Cruz for her involvement and remarks.

We also need to thank the TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE and the umpires who also made the arrangements and contributed to the success of this event.

it was a successful competition.

 Winners in All Categories

See final results:

A - Category                B - Category               C- Category


"the development continues......!!!!!"



 15UNDER/CADET Category

Sunday February 19, 2012


 15UNDER Champion - Matthew Usher

This past Sunday, February 19, 2012 at the Belize Elementary Auditorium was the venue for the 2012 RF&G 1st Bi-Annual NATIONAL RANKING Tournament.

As per tradition, this event consist of different Categories of players, and this Sunday saw the 15UNDER/CADET Category taking "center stage".

With some 17 young players registered, the event started at approximately 9:30AM with welcoming remarks by the BTTA president, followed by the tournament Referee explaining the rules to the participants.

The tournament format included all players participating in a first Round Robin event, followed by a Double Elimination FINALS for players advancing from the Round Robin event.

With the players divided into 4 groups, the top 2 finishers in each group then advanced to the Double Elimination FINALS.

Advancing to the Double Elimination round were:

Group 1
Fabio Carballo
Emil Gillett

Group 2
Ashar Arthurs
Joshua Gegg

Group 3
Gian Lisbey
Mishek Musa

Group 4
Matthew Usher
Steve Flowers

These 8 players then competed in the Double Elimination event with the following 4 advancing to the FINALS

Final Four- WINNERS
1- Matthew Usher
2- Gian Lisbey
3- Ashar Arthurs
4- Steve Flowers

In the upper bracket, Matthew Usher defeated Steve Flowers, to advance to the FINALS. While in the bottom bracket, Ashar Arthurs defeated Gian Lisbey to advance to FINALS.

In the end Matthew Usher emerged the CHAMPION after losing the first set to Ashar, and then winning the last set to take the CHAMPIONSHIP.

Gian Lisbey finished 3rd and Steven Young 4th overall.

1st - Matthew Usher
2nd - Ashar Arthurs
3rd - Gian Lisbey
4th - Steve Flowers


Medals were awarded to all 4 finishers by Mr. Reynaldo Belisle representing the sponsors RF&G Insurance.

We CONGRATULATE the winners and thank all the participants for making this event a success.

Being the first event of the 2012 Tournament Calendar, we are please that it ended with good results.

"the development continues......!!!!"



BTTA donates to Primary Schools.
The Belize Table Tennis Association presented table tennis equipment to 3 Primary Schools in the country.
St Marys Primary School, Trinity Methodist & Wesley Primary School.
This project will continue with further donations to other schools and sporting entities.


 Belize attends 2012 Central American Table Tennis General Assembly
 January 2012
  Hector Lopez - Director & Tux Vasquez - President
Presidents & Directors of Central America