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Sunday November 27, 2011

The Belize Natural Energy (BNE) NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS took place yesterday, Sunday November 27, 2011 at the BES Auditorium.

With some 70+ players taking part, the event "kicked off" at 9:00AM with table tennis action in Men Singles, Ladies singles, Mixed Doubles, Mens doubles, and 15Under Cadet divisions.

As per tradition, this NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is a "knock out' type competition, with the "strongest" surviving through to the end.

For the first time the 15UNDER CADET division included over 22 young and upcoming "junior/cadet" players vying for the NATIONAL 15UNDER CADET "title".

In the MENS SINGLES division, the top seed players did make it to the end, with the exception of the #2 Rated player Zhi Chen who lost by a huge "upset to Tyrone Tun. This lost opened up the bottom half of the draw to new possibilities. Making it to the semi-finals were top ranked, Nel Ayuso, Tux Vasquez, Carlos Cui and Hector Lopez.

the results were as follows:
1st - Nel Ayuso
2nd - Carlos Cui
3rd - Tux vasquez
4th - Hector Lopez

The ladies singles also saw some good table tennis matches with several "new comers" taking part.
Top seed, and last years NATIONAL CHAMPION once again repeated her victory.
1st - Petie Matus
2nd - Tyola Casimero
3rd - Kayla Arnold
4th - Karen Carbis

In the 15UNDER/CADET division, some 22 young and energetic players took part, with the top seed players advancing to the finals.
In the end, Harim Ochaeta, top seed 15UNDER/CADET player took home the "title.
1st - Harim Ochaeta
2nd - Ashar Arthurs
3rd - Matthew Usher
4th - Gian Lisbey

The Mens Doubles started out with 8 doubles teams competing for the NATIONAL TITLE. With a mix of top seed players, the champions from last year made it to the end, defending their title for the second year in a row.
1st - Nel Ayuso/Ernesto Rivero
2nd - Hector Lopez/Carlos cui
3rd - Tux Vasquez/Tyrone Tun
4th - Jorge Espat/Mike Rivero

Last but not the least, the MIXED DOUBLES category also saw some new comers teaming up with top seed players to compete for this title. This competition concluded with last years Champions once again repeating as Champions.
1st - Petie Matus/Tux Vasquez
2nd - Tyola Casimero/NIck Martin
3rd - Esperanza Leal/Jorge Espat
4th - Kayla Arnold/Moses Babb

The competition ended around 6:00 PM with trophies awarded to all the winners courtesy Belize Natural Energy, sponsors of the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for a second year.

We thank the sponsors, players, spectators and organizers of the competition for making this event possible.

Trophies were presented by the VP of the BTTA Executive, along with Mrs Marion Usher who was kind enough to assist us in these presentations.

the president of the BTTA closed the event with announcements of this "year in review" and promised an even more active "tournament schedule" for next year.

We close this 2011 year of activities by wishing each and everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. We look forward 2012 to continue the development of table tennis in Belize.

With the help of everyone, we can certainly do much more in the development.

"the development continues....!!!"



ITTF Level 1 Coaching Course 2011

November 18 - 21, 2011

 ITTF Level 1 Coaching Course concludes.....


click image for photos....

 Under the guidance of ITTF Coach Rafael Armindariz, some 18 table tennis coaches undertook and completed the 4 day (30 hour) ITTF Level 1 Coaching certification course sponsored by the ITTF Development Program.

 The course was intense and very interactive for the participants. Included in the participants were over 60% primary school teachers who are included in the upcoming "Primary School Table Tennis Initiative" to be completed in 2012. Some 6 Primary Schools have been selected to be included in this initiative. Tables will be provided to these schools and the teackers/coaches will be able to return to their respective schools to implement and develop the soprt of table tennis.

Of all the participants that started the course, 100% completed the training. 

Once they complete their required 30 hours of coaching, ITTF Level 1 Certifications will be provided and they will also be listed on the ITTF web site as Official ITTF Level 1 Coaches for Belize.


 "the development continues.....!!!!!" 


(SJC) INAUGURATION Tournament - 2011

St. Johns College (SJC) INAUGURATION Tournament - 2011
November 12, 2011

This Saturday, November 12, 2011 saw the INAUGURATION tournament for the SJC Table Tennis Club into the Belize Table Tennis Association.

The tournament was held at the Belize Elementary Auditorium "the home of table tennis", starting at around 2:00Pm and ending past 6:30Pm in the evening.

Obviously a "success" the auditorium was filled with students and supporting family and class mates who were there to support their favorite player. With the assistance of Yasser Musa, the clubs coordinator, a total of 59 young and energetic table tennis players were present and ready to compete in this "first of a kind" event. Ranging from ages 12 to about 15, this is definitely a large group of young players now added to the "table tennis" family. The BTTA is proud to be able to have such an addition.

The tournament comprised of a initial ROUND ROBIN competition in three categories. ADVANCE, INTERMEDIATE & BEGINNERS. After over 97 matches in the ROUND ROBIN round, the winners in the different groups then advanced to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION final round in each category.

The DOUBLE ELIMINATION saw another 43 matches.  In the end, the results were as follows:

1st. - Yasser Musa
2nd - John Le
3rd - Aaron Stock
4th - Khalid Musa

1st - Jason Chan
2nd - Mishek Musa
3rd - Gavin Wong
4th - Harold Nava

1st - Joshua Parham
2nd - Nick Chang
3rd - Falen Miles
4th - Fabio Carballo

Medals were awarded to all winners.

Details of DOUBLE ELIMINATION finals are attach, as well as a photo of all the winners.

More photos can be seen on "" later on in the day.

Labeled a "great success", this inaugural tournament now brings "new blood" into the table tennis sport in Belize.

Participation was absolutely overwhelming with 59 young players and a grand total of 140 matches played in this tournament.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, as well as to the organizers from the college.

Thank you to all players, and spectators who made this event a great success. We look forward to much more competition in the young category of table tennis players.

Large group of young table tennis players from SJC.

Photo of participants in the SJC Inauguration Tournament held this past Saturday November 12, 2011 @ BES Auditotium

 click below for final results:

- Advance Category

- Intermediate Category

- Beginners Category 


(click on images above for more photos...........)

"the development continues....!!!!"


2011 brothers habet team league


2011 brothers HABET TEAM LEAGUE


Sunday November 13, 2011



(click for FINAL 4 DRAW .... )

Sunday November 13, 2011

This past Sunday saw the conclusion of the 2011 brothers HABET TABLE TENNIS TEAM LEAGUE at the BES auditorium.

With the
ROUND ROBIN of some 14 teams concluded a week ago, the FINAL 4 teams in each division were present to decide the WINNERS.

The morning saw the semi-final round of the KNOCK OUT competition to see what positions each teams would move into. The afternoon session saw the FINALS in both divisions.

With lots of excitement and spectators to cheer on their favorite teams, the results were as follows:


1st - Garage#1
2nd - Hurricane
3rd - Rivero Welders
4th - Racqueteers

1st - Garage#2
2nd - Tallawah
3rd - Fantastic 4
4th - Terminators

KNOCKOUT details attach for easy reference, along with photos of the winners.

More photos available on "" later on today.

On hand to present awards to the winners was the
SPONSOR representative Mr. Tony Habet who was happy and proud to be a part of the development of table tennis in Belize. He pledged the continued support of his company in this event for next year, and for as long as it is possible for his company to continue the sponsorship of this TEAM LEAGUE event.

The BTTA president thanked the sponsors as well as all the participants and the spectators who came out for the FINALS, as well as for all the games since the beginning of this event in September.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners as well as thanks to all participants and spectators who made this event possible.

A big THANK YOU again to the the SPONSORS brothers HABET for again making this event possible.

With the conclusion of this event, the last and final event comes up in two weeks time. The 2011 BNE NATIONAL TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place during the weekend of November 26 & 27, 2011 at BES Auditorium.

2011 is closing with a full schedule of tournaments, and we look forward to 2012 for another full year of events.

"the development continues....!!"


Sunday November 6, 2011

Today was the final day in the Round Robin competition round of the 2011 brothers HABET TEAM LEAGUE. The day was filled with table tennis team league matches with a total of 8 team matches taking place. Starting at 9:00 AM, the first matches took place in the morning, with the second set starting off at 2:00PM in the afternoon. At about 5:00PM the last in the series of the ROUND ROBIN competition was completed.

Results of today's matches in the 1 DIVISION were:
Garage#1  defeated  CUZ ( 5 - 2 )
Racqueteers  defeated  Hurricane ( 5 - 1 )
Riveros Welders defeated Suga City (D/F)
Racqueteers  defeated  Riveros Welders ( 5 - 3 )
CUZ  defeated Suga City (D/F)

In the 2nd DIVISION matches, the results were:
Tallawah defeated Fantastic 4 ( 5 - 2 )
BDF Spin Kings defeated Turds ( 5 - 2 )
Garage#2 defeated Terminators ( 5 - 3 )
Tallawah defeated BDF Spin Kings ( 5 - 1 )
Garage#2 defeated Fantastic 4 ( 5 - 3 )

With the ROUND ROBIN competition round now completed, today ended with the results of which teams will advance to the FINAL 4 CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND in each DIVISION.

Advancing in the 1 DIVISION are:
1st Place - Racqueteers (UNDEFEATED)
2nd Place - Hurricanes 
3rd Place - Garage #1
4th Place - Riveros Welders

In the 2nd DIVISION the following teams also advance.
1st Place - Garage#2 (UNDEFEATED)
2nd Place - Tallawah
3rd Place - Terminators
4th Place - Fantastic 4

See final Round Robin results......@ ""

The FINAL 4 CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND will consist of a KNOCKOUT COMPETITION in each division.

See FINAL 4 @ ""

FINAL 4 CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND takes place next Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 9:00 AM @ BES Auditorium.

Saunday October 16, 2011
This past Sunday, October 16, 2011 saw the continuation of the 2011 brothers HABET TABLE TENNIS TEAM LEAGUE @ the BES Auditorium. With both morning and afternoon games, the day was fill with table tennis action. Ending around 7:00 PM in the night.

Competition was fill especially in the SECOND DIVISION, as two teams in the FIRST DIVISION were "no-show".
The results of the morning games were as follows:
HURRICANE defeated CUZ  5 - 4
RIVERO WELDERS default over NO MERCY (D/F 5 - 0)
GARAGE#1 default over SUGA CITY (D/F 5 - 0)

FANTASTIC 4 defeated JET AMP 5 - 1

In the afternoon/evening games, the games continued with the following results:
CUZ default over NO MERCY (D/F 5 - 0)
GARAGE#1 defeated HURRICANES  5 - 3
RACQUETEERS defaulted over SUGA CITY (D/F 5 - 0)


TALLAWAH defeated TURDS  5 -0

BDF SPIN KINGS defeated JET AMPS  5 - 2
GARAGE#2 defeated BFD SPIN KINGS 5 - 4

JETAMPS defeated TURDS 5 - 0

Due to scheduling and venue availability, a break will now take place, and the games will continue on Sunday November 6, 2011, when all teams shall play their last matches to determine who goes into the FINAL 4 "KNOCK OUT" event to then take place on Sunday November 13, 2011.


Saturday October 8, 2011

Play continued this pas Saturday, October 8, 2001 at the Belize Eementery School auditorium with the following results:

Riveros Welders defeated Cuz - 5-2
Hurricane defeated Suga City - 5-0  (D/F)
Racqueteers defeated No Mercy - 5-0  (D/f)
Garage#2 defeated Turds  - 5-0
BDF Spin Kings defeated Fantastic4 - 5-4

Games continue this coming Sunday, October 16, 2011 with games in the morning and afternoon.

 Saturday October 1, 2011

The brothers HABET TEAM LEAGUE continued this weekend with two matches in the Second Division played, with the following results:

Garage#1 defeat No Mercy - D/F


Garage #2 defeated Jet Amps - 5 - 0
Terminators defeated BDF Spin Kings - 5 - 0

Tournament continues this Saturday with 5 matches on the calendar.

Sunday September 25, 2011

The 2011 brothers HABET TEAM LEAGUE "kicked off" this Sunday with 7 - 1st Division and 8 - 2nd Division Teams lining up for this years competition. A total of 15 teams and some 60 individual players.

With the opening ceremony and the Belize National Anthem performed by Carlos Cui and his violin trio completed, the sponsors representative Mr. Tony Habet from brothers HABET gave the opening remarks. He commended the Belize Table Tennis Association for a job well done, and also assured the association and audience present of his companies commitment as sponsors of the annual Team League.

With the ceremonies and opening remarks all completed the games began. With the full tournament schedule in place, teams were ready to challenge each other as outlined in the schedule.

In the morning segment of competition, we saw the following games and subsequent results:


Racqueteers defeating Garage#1 - 5 - 4

No Mercy defeating Suga City - 5 - 2

Hurricane defeating Riveros Welding - 5 - 1


Fantastic4 defeating Turds - 5 - 1

Garage#2 defeating Tallawah - 5 -2

Terminator defeating JetAmp - 5 - 0

The afternoon segment of competition saw the following games and results:


Racqueteers defeating CUZ - 5 - 3

Riveros Welding defeating Garage#1 - 5 - 4

Hurricane defeating No Mercy - 5 - 4


Tallawah defeating JetAmp - 5 - 0

Terminator defeating Tudors - 5 - 0


The competition will comprise of a first ROUND ROBIN competition among all teams in both divisions, from which the top four teams in each DIVISION will advance to the FINAL 4 KNOCK OUT round  to determine the winners in each DIVISION. 

The tournament continues next Saturday, October 1, 2011. Click here  to see full schedule of games






Saint Johns College institutes Table Tennis Club

October 28, 2011

The latest Table Tennis Club to be added to the BTTA is the SJC Table Tennis Club. Under the leadership of Yasser Musa, over some 50 students have registered as members of the club. A day of tournament to inagurate the club into the BTTA is scheduled for Saturday November 12, 2011 @ the BES auditorium. 

 Students in action at the SJC Table Tennis Club.

Coordinator Yasser Musa with student...

(click image above for more photos.....)




Sunday August 28, 2011


Starting at 9:30AM, the tournament opened with remarks both in English and Chinese to the general audience present.Mr. Lim Lo did the honors of translating the entire day activities in Chinese for players and spectators.

Following the playing of the Belize National Anthem by Carlos Cui and his Trio, all on violin, the tournament "kicked-off" with 16 participants in the MALE DIVISION and 6 in the FEMALE DIVISION.

Both Divisions were DOUBLE ELIMINATION FORMAT, with all players having to lose two sets before being eliminated from the tournament.

In the MALE Division, Zhi Cheng, Carlos Cui, Peter Wong & Wen Te Chen dominated the overall competition. 

At the end, the results were as follows. Awards were given to the top finishers:
1st - Zhi Cheng
2nd - Carlos Cui
3rd - Peter Wong
4th - Wen Te Cheng
5th - Francisco Ma
6th - Andrew Wang
7th - Wilfredo Chang
8th - Chen Huien

Medals were awarded to all 8 finalists. 
(click image for more photos.............................>>>>
In the Female Division, defending champion, Wei Rong Huang, dominated the "winners" circle by advancing to the finals with a "perfect" record of no losses. "New comer", Tanya Tao, held on to her "one loss" and came back to play the finals. 
In the end, the results were as follows:
1st - Wei rong Huang
2nd - Tanya Tao
3rd - Cui Zhen Li
4th - May Cui
5th - Wun Kiu See
6th - Shu Yung Wong

Medals were awarded to all 6 finalists.
(click image for more photos.............................>>>>

Full DOUBLE ELIMINATION results attach for reference. some photos of the winners and the Male & Female Champions, also attach.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and thanks to all the participants, spectators and sponsors of this annual event.

Food and drinks were also provided to players and spectators in "Chinese style". Full Chinese Menu for all............!!!!

The BTTA would like to thank everyone who made this event a success and look forward to next year when we work together with the "Chinese community" to present next years tournament.

"the development continues...........!!!!"
(click for final results.............)

2011 summer table tennis tournament

Sunday August 7, 2011

The 2011 SUMMER TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT, sponsored by Barrow & Williams concluded on Sunday August 7, 2011 after a full day of competitive table tennis.

The tournament started at 9:30AM with the opening ceremonies that included the playing of the Belize National Anthem played by Carlos Cui and his quartet.

Games commenced at exactly 10:00AM in the OPEN Division with a total of 32 players starting out in that division.

The format was a DOUBLE ELIMINATION and in the end the winners were as follows:

1st - Zhi Chen
2nd - Nel Ayuso
3rd - Ernesto Rivero
4th - Nicholas Martin

In the final match, Zhi Chen had to defeat Nel Ayuso twice in order to secure the championship. Both games were closely matched with the final game going all the way to very end.

Tux Vasquez and Amir Vasquez were both eliminated in the final round by Ernesto Rivero and NIcholas Martin who both secured the 3rd and 4th positions.

In the 15UNDER/CADET DOUBLE ELIMINATION division, 5 players started the competition with the final winners being the following:

1st - Ashar Arthurs
2nd - Gian Lisbey
3rd - Yanich Young
4th - Harim Ochaeta (not in picture)

Ashar Arthurs secured the Championship by defeating Gian Lisbey in a very action pack final match. Arthurs took home the first place in the end.

Harim Ochaeta, the current champion had to withdraw from the final rounds due to illness. However, he was able to at least secure a position in the final 4 positions, finishing 4th overall.
Yanich Young, a new comer to the winners positions, did a good job and secured his 3rd place positions.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.

Awards were presented to all the winners by the Vice President of the BTTA, Jorge Espat, on behald of the sponsors, Barrow & Williams.

The event was a success and was aired over CCV channel 20 LIVE throughout the entire day. A first for table tennis and a benefit to the overall development and exposure of table tennis in Belize.
(click below for final results........)

"the development continues........!!!!" 
ITTF Level 2 Coaching Certification achieved

Tux Vasquez with ITTF Instructor Francisco Seijas fromVenezuela

July 31, 2011

After a full 7 days in El Salvador, Tux Vasquez, successfully completed the ITTF Level 2 Coaching Certification issued by the ITTF. The course consisted of both practical and theory, and included a final examination process. This Level 2 Certification is the first in Belize, and can be added to the 12 Level 1 Certified coaches the BTTA currently have.

It is very important for the BTTA to accomplish these coaching certifications, as it will help in the development of our players in the future.

"the development continues.......!!!" 



Sunday June 26, 2011
The Belize Elementary Auditorium was the place for table tennis action this past Sunday, June 26. 2011. 

Following the playing of the Belize National Anthem by Carlos Cui and his trio, the action started at about 9:30 on a total of 11 tables used for the first Round Robin section of the tournament.

Also on hand as invited guest and also a participant in the event was the US Ambassador, Mr. Vinai Thummalapally who gave a few words at the opening ceremony. He is a table tennis fan, and hopefully we shall see more of the ambassador in the tournaments to come.

With some 50 or so players competing for the 4 different divisions of the tournament, each division started competing in their respective category.

The Round Robin competition saw the top two from each group advance to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round to determine the overall winners of each division.

In the A Division, the 4 top players, Nel Ayuso, Carlos Cui, Tux Vasquez, and Ernesto Rivero advanced to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION final round. 
After an exciting final match, the results were as follows:
1st - Nelito Ayuso
2nd - Tux Vasquez
3rd - Carlos Cui
4th - Ernesto Rivero  

In the B Division, the top 16 players advanced to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round, and after some very exciting and closely contested matches, the top 4 ended up competing for the final 4 positions.
the results were as follows:

1st - Ernesto Rivero
2nd - NIcholas Martin
3rd - Gabriel Guerrero
4th - Hollis Parham

In the C Division, 8 players advanced to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round. with the final 4 ending up taking the top spots of this division.
the winners are:
1st - Mike Rivero
2nd - Harold Young
3rd - Marion Usher
4th - Clifton Williams

In the 15 Under/CADET division, we were again treated to some very good competition between the kids, who are the future of this sport. A few "new comers" were on hand to "threaten" the top spots. However, in the end the, the better players were victorious with the top 4 taking the top spots.
The winners ended up as follows.
1st - Harim Ochaeta
2nd - Ashar Arthurs
3rd - Matthew Usher
4th - Orville Leal

After a very long day of competition, the tournament came to an end around 7:00PM, with all the winners being awarded medals in their respective divisions.

On hand to present the awards was Mr. Marlon Kuylen, representing the sponsors RF&G Insurance who delivered medals to all the winners, and also commented on the continued sponsorship of the event in 2012 and beyond. 

We sincerely thank the sponsors, the players, organizers, spectators, and the media who all made this tournament a great success.

More details, including the final results and photos will be available later on, via emails, as well as on our web site.

"the development continues.......!!!"

(click for photos.......)


ariel guerrero honored by belize olympic committee

Tuesday June 21, 2011 - Holy Redeemer Parish Hall

Dear members and affiliates,

It was a night of honor and encouragement this past Tuesday night at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall where the Belize Olympic Committee celebrated their Night of Honors to Umpires/Referees/Judges. The Patron was the Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young.

For the Belize Table Tennis Association, it was encouraging and an honor to have "one of our own" presented and honored with such an award.

Mr. Ariel Guerrero, an ITTF/ULTM Certified Umpire/Referee, was the man of the hour. He was honored by the Belize Olympic Committee.

Below is the "write-up" provided and offered in his honor at the Awards Night. .


Since the inception of the Belize Table Tennis Association in early 2008, the executive and its members have remained focused on reviving and building the sport in Belize.  Mr. Ariel Guerrero has undoubtedly been one of the key members that has, and continues to contribute significantly to the development of the sport in Belize. 

Though a table tennis player himself, Ariel became a member of the BTTA with the primary focus of helping to structure and manage the technical side of the sport rather competing in tournaments.  He enrolled and successfully completed Certification courses in Umpiring, Refereeing and Coaching.  He was nominated and appointed Chair of the Tournament Committee, and today continues to serve as Head Referee at national tournaments.  He has studied and keenly familiarized himself with the rules of the sport and is leaned upon as the BTTA’s ‘reference person’ for tournament regulations and dispute resolution. Ariel, an avid computer programmer, is responsible for preparing all tournament schedules, providing a precise schedule of matches (time, table number and opponent) for each individual participant.  This has also helped the Association tremendously in the smooth flowing execution of tournaments.  Furthermore, he has created formulated spreadsheets to record matches and ranking of players on a real-time basis during tournaments.  Ariel is truly an asset to the BTTA, and is truly deserving of this award.


We CONGRATULATE Ariel on this accomplishment, and thank him for all his work he has provided to the BTTA, and continues to provide.

 "the development continues.............!!!"



 This past Sunday, May 15, 2011, was full of table tennis action with the 2011 1st ANNUAL VETERANS TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS held at the Belize Elementary Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

With 16 participants signed up for the title, the draw took place at 9:30AM, with the competition starting at 10:00.

Double Elimination was the "rule" of the day, with players having to lose two sets before they were eliminated from the competition. (click for full details of tournament......)

Players also had to be 40 years or older to qualify for this event. Looking at the overall Ratings of most players in the association, most of the top players "are" 40 years and older, which makes this event as competitive as any other event staged by the association. In other words, "all" the top players were "in" this event.

By mid day, four players had advance into the "winners division", and having no losses to their name. They were Tux Vasquez, Marion Usher, Ernesto Rivero, and Nelito Ayuso. Tux Vasquez then eliminated Marion Usher, and Nel Ayuso also eliminated Ernesto Rivero, sending them both into the "losers division".

Down below in the "losers division", with only one lost to their name, were Petie Matus, Davis Huang, Moses Babb, and David Ho. By 1:40, that division has Petie Matus, Marion Usher, David Ho, and Ernesto Rivero.

In the end, four players made it to the overall finals. Tux Vasquez, Nelito Ayuso, Ernesto Rivero, and Petie Matus.

Petie Matus took 3rd place by defeating Ernesto Rivero by a score of 3-1. With River being the higher "rated" player, Matus ended up the overall winner with what could be called an "upset".

Nelito Ayuso, ranked # 2, then took 1st place honors, and the Championship, by defeating Tux Vasquez ranked # 4. Ayuso first won in the "winners division" by a closely contested score of 3-2. and then in the final match by a score of 3-1. Both matches were well contested and a good show to the spectators. 

The evening concluded with awards being given to all 4 winners:

Full match details attach for your easy reference, as well as a photo of the winners. (visit later on for more photos)

1st - Nelito Ayuso
2nd - Tux Vasquez
3rd - Petie Matus
4th - Ernesto "Brads" Rivero

This years event was sponsored by the Belize Table Tennis Association, who CONGRATULATES all winners, as well as thanks all participants and spectators for their support.

"the development continues........."


 This weekend also saw the 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA), held on Saturday May 14, 2011 @ the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

The meeting commences at 2:20PM with over 25 members in attendance.

The President, Tux Vasquez, opened the meeting welcoming everyone to this years 3rd AGM, and the meeting continued with the business at hand.

Directors reports were delivered as well as a full financial report presented by Vice President, Jorge Espat, since the treasurer, Marion Usher was unable to attend, with the emphasis on "building a good financial foundation" for the association.

Emphasis in the directors and president report was on the development of table tennis in the schools, with this being a "first" priority for the BTTA. Discussions already ongoing with some schools, and the BTTA will take responsibility for distribution of table where possible in the schools.

The continued involvement by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was also emphasized, as it is important to remain "in contact" with the ITTF. Further support is in the making for 2011 by the ITTF, including coaching courses, as well as possible equipment.

The BTTA remains engaged with it's regional organizations, by attending all meetings possible in the region.

With the new Membership Director present, the overall commitment to improve on membership participation. was also in the reports. 

The formation of a Junior/CADET national selection is also on the agenda, with hopes to compete internationally in 2012.

Plenty discussions emerged from the floor, with emphasis on the replacement of David Jones, who had to step down from the Executive due to work related issues. Since it is not an election year for the BTTA, this position remains open, with members being allowed to nominate a replacement.

The constitution does allow the BTTA Executive to vote on a replacement, who will hold the position until the next election years, which would be 2012.

Another matter tabled and discussed was the increase in membership fees. The majority were of the opinion that the current fee, which has been in place for 3 years, was considered very minimal, and an increase was motioned.

By full majority, an increase was voted on, which will become effective for the year 2012. 

More details will follow in the minutes that will be shared with all BTTA membership shortly.

The meeting concluded around 3:45, and the usual Saturday table tennis session took place.

A "thank you" to everyone who attend, and to those who could not attend, we look forward to seeing you at next years AGM.

"the development continues......."




Wednesday April 20, 2011 

Yesterday, April 20, 2011, was a historic and important day in the continued development of the Belize Table Tennis Association.

Belize Natural Energy (BNE) was host to a meeting between the BTTA and BNE where their 3 year commitment of support to the BTTA was officially endorsed. Present at the meeting was the staff and management of BNE, as well as Executive Members of the BTTA, and San Ignacio Table Tennis Club representative, Dan Habet.

The meeting consisted of a presentation by BNE as to their commitment on the 3 year sponsorship of the NATIONAL TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

The BTTA also provided a presentation on the overall developments and future plans of the BTTA, as well as it's full support to BNE in their own development of table tennis within their company and staff.

A plaque of appreciation was presented to BNE Table Tennis Club President, Dennis Punjabi, in appreciation for BNE's 3-YEAR commitment to the sponsorship of the NATIONAL TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS - 2010 TO 2012.

A STAG Elite table tennis table, along with 4 table tennis rackets and balls were also presented to BNE on behalf of the BTTA, as further appreciation for their support.

The official inauguration of the BNE TABLE TENNIS CLUB  was also a part of the presentations. More to come on that initiative.

We sincerely thank Belize Natural Energy for their confidence and sponsorship given to the BTTA. 

Please visit "" for more information and photos of this event.
 "the development continues.........!!!!"     



grace 2011 - strong & weak doubles & 15under/cadet

 Sunday March 27, 2011

This Sunday, March 27, 2011, saw the conclusion of the GRACE 2011 - STRONG & WEAK DOUBLES and 15UNDER/CADET SINGLES COMPETITION.

The competition started on Saturday with the ROUND ROBIN event featuring the 15UNDER/CADET players. With a total of 6 youths participating. The ROUND ROBIN event saw a total of 15 matches played among these young and upcoming players. With the Top Four advancing to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round, these young "stars" played their heart out to made the advancement.

In the end, defending champion, Matthew Usher, along with Gian Lisbey, Ashar Arthurs & Jamuel White made it to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION round. Daniel Echeverria, recently missing from competition, and new comer Orville Leal, placed 5th and 6th, and not to the final round. In any event, they both displayed very good potential and will definitely be future players to contend with.

The Top Four advanced to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION round that took place on Sunday, and in the end the results were as follows:

1st - Matthew Usher
2nd - Ashar Arthurs
3rd - Gian Lisbey
4th - Jamuel White 
(click below for full match details and results......) 
Sunday also saw the start and conclusion of the STRONG & WEAK DOUBLES event, which was comprised of 12 doubles teams in aDOUBLE ELIMINATION format. With the rules being that the top rated 25 players had to find a partner outside that 25, the "match-ups" of the teams proved to be very interesting and quite competitive. There were even a total of three 15Under CADET players that were also a part of this event, showing the involvement of the young players getting into the senior events. Quite encouraging to see such a change in our competition events taking place.

After a total of some 31 matches played in this event, top seed and last years Runner-Up, Nel Ayuso, rated #2, & Joseph Sukhnandan, rated #35, made it to the finals against Tux Vasquez, rated #4 & Ricardo Bailey, rated #32..

Ayuso & Sukhnandan made it to the finals by first losing to Vasquez & Bailey in the "winners bracket", and then coming back around through the "losers bracket" to the finals by defeating Sanchez & Perera, 3-0, Matus & Usher, 3-0, Rivero & Rivero, 3-0, Martin & Chang, 3-1, and finally defeating 3rd place finishers, Cui & Chang to make it to the Finals.

In the "winners bracket", Vasquez & Bailey remained undefeated throughout their matches by winning over Ayuso & Sukhnandan, 3-2, Martin & Chang, 3-0, and then over Cui & Chang, 3-1, to also make it to the Finals against Ayuso & Sukhnandan.

With Vasquez and Bailey having no losses up to the finals, Ayuso & Sukhnandan had to defeat them twice to take the title. And that they did by first winning in a very closely contested first match ending with a score of 3-2.

With this first win now in their favor, Ayuso & Sukhnandan went on to win the second and final match by a score of 3-1. 

Both matches were very close, and the spectators were given a good display of doubles table tennis play.

In the end, the results were as follows:

1st - Nel Ayuso /Joseph Sukhnandan
2nd - Tux Vasquez / Ricardo Bailey
3rd -  Carlos Cui / Sui Pan Chen
4th - Nick Martin / Wilfredo Chang   
(click below for full match details and results......) 
The event ended with medals being awarded to the top winners in both events. 

With the sponsorship of GRACE making this event possible for a second year, the players, organizers, and spectators were once again treated to good table tennis action.

We sincerely than GRACE for their continued contribution and support to the development of Table Tennis in Belize, and we look forward to their continued support.

A big "THANK YOU" to everyone who made this event possible.

"the development continues.....!!!"

Table Tennis Robot introduced to training sessions.

Table Tennis Robot introduced to training sessions. 

Saturday February 12, 2011

Coach Ted Marin looks on as junior player uses the IPong .

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Group at Robot training session & ITTF Level 1 Coach Ted Marin

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2011 RF&G 1st bi-annual national ranking tournament

 SUNDAY MARCH 13, 2011

This Sunday, March 13, 2011, saw the conclusion of the 2011 RF&G 1st. Bi-Annual NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT, two day event.

The tournament started on Saturday March 12, 2011 @ 2:00PM at the Belize Elementary Auditorium, with the ROUND ROBIN portion of the tournament, and with competition in all CATEGORIES. 

Saturday saw the beginning of competitions in, A,B,C, CATEGORIES, as well as in the 15UNDER/CADET and the WOMEN division. At about 5:PM, some 39 matches had been contested, with some players recording some wins and moving up in their ROUND ROBIN groups.

On Sunday, following the playing of the NATIONAL ANTHEM by Carlos Cui and his group, the competition continued with the completion of the ROUND ROBIN round, and with the top two winners in each GROUP moving on to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round.

In the A CATEGORY, there were two GROUPS with a total of 8 players, allowing 4 players to advance to the DOUBLE ELIMINATION round. These four players were, Nelito Ayuso, Zhi Cheng, Carlos Cui, and Nicholas Martin. Of the 4 players advancing, Nicholas Martin was the only B CATEGORY player to make it to the final round of the A CATEGORY competition. 

In the end the results were as follows:(details)
1st - Nelito Ayuso
2nd - Zhi Cheng
3rd - Carlos Cui
4th - Nicholas Martin

In the B CATEGORY, being the biggest division, there were 8 GROUPS, which allowed 16 players, two from each group, to advance to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round. From a total of 28 players in the B CATEGORY, the following 16 players made it to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round. Hector Lopez,
Harry Eusey, Ainsworth Tzul, Mike Sanchez, Hollis Parham, Moses Babb, Peter Wang, Jorge Espat, Jamil Bedran, Petie Matus, David Ho, Francis Usher, Sui Pan Cheng, Gabriel Guerrero, Anthony Turner, and Nicholas Martin.

At the end the results were as follows:(details)
1st - Nicholas Martin
2nd - Gabriel Guerrero
3rd - Peter Wang
4th - Jamil Bedran

In the C CATEGORY, there were 4 GROUPS with a total of 12 players, allowing 8 players to advance to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION ROUND. making it to the final found were Ricardo 
Bailey, Wilfredo Chang, Ravesh Sukhnandan, Wen Te Chen,
Tony Liu, Jason Lin, Ashar Arthurs, and Harim Ochaeta. Both Ashar and Harim are 15UNDER/CADET players who did advance in  this higher CATEGORY.  

At the end the results were as follows:(details)
1st - Ricardo Bailey
2nd - Harim Ochaeta
3rd - Wen Te Chen
4th - Jason Lin

"Big Up" to Harim Ochaeta, the 15UNDER/CADET player to finish second in this upper division.
In the WOMEN DIVISION, 6 players started the competition in two
 GROUPS. With the top 2 from each group
 advancing, the following 4 players advanced to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION. Petie Matus, Wun Kin See, Tyola Casimero, and Patricia Ho.

At the end the results were as follows:(details)
1st - Petie Matus
2nd - Tyola Casimero
3rd - Wun Kin See
4th - Patricia Ho
Finally, in the 15UNDER/CADET, which is one of the most important divisions, 6 junior players started out the competition, with the top 4 advancing to the final DOUBLE ELIMINATION round. These players were Harim Ochaeta, Ashar Arthurs, Gian Lisbey, and Matthew Usher.

In this division, spectators were treated to some really interesting and exciting competition. With the obvious advancement in their skills, the competition was closely competed. So much so that, in the end, the eventual winners had to play the "finals" twice in order to "seal" the "top spot" With Gian and Harim
advancing to the "finals", and with Gian winning the first match, Harim had to defeat him the second time in order to become the eventual winner. Not being left behind, the other two finalist, Matthew and Ashar, were also close competitors as they competed for the final two position.

In the end the results were as follows:(details)
1st - Harim Ochaeta
2nd - Gian Lisbey
3rd - Ashar Arthurs
4th - Matthew Usher

Medals were awarded to all winners by the Vice President of the BTTA, Jorge Espat on behalf of the SPONSORS - RF&G INSURANCE CO. LTD.

The two days were filled with very good competition, including players playing up into higher CATEGORIES, and proving themselves worthy of higher classifications. In the end, the better players took the "top spots", and displaying improvements in overall playing skills.

With the introduction of the WOMENS Category in this years competition, the women also showed their own skills and competition spirit.

Being the first tournament for 2011, the BTTA is proud to have "staged" this event and certainly thanks the SPONSORS, RF&G INSURANCE CO LTD. for their continued support to the sport of table tennis by sponsoring two of this type of competition in each year.

Thanks also goes out to the organizers, umpires, referees, players and especially the spectators who came out on both days to support the event. 

Players for the district towns are also commended for traveling distances to participate and supporting this event.

With unity there is progress.     (click for more photos of this event.......)

"the development continues................"

 Guatemala City, Jan. 28, 2011


 (far left)- President Tux Vasquez & Director Hector Lopez at Central American Teble Tennis Federation General Assembly - Guatemala City 2011



Mr. Leonel Aguilar - El Salvador

 (left to right) BTTA President- Tux Vasquez, Newly elected Central American President - Leonel Aguilar & BTTA Director Hector Lopez



BTTA President & BTTA Director at CA General Assembly 

Guatemala City - January 28, 2011