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Marion Usher - BNE Representative open games.

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David Jones - Petie Matus - Harim Ochaeta



 BNE receive Appreciation Award from BTTA



BTTA President Tux Vasquez presents Appreciations Award to BNE Representative Marion Usher. Sponsors of 2010 - 2011 & 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

 Sunday November 28, 2010 

This Sunday was a day full of table tennis action at the Belize Elementery School, where the 2010 BNE NATIONAL TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS too place.
Starting at approximately 9:15AM, the event "kicked off" with the playing of the Belize National Anthem, performed by a "line up" of violin players who did an excellent job of the Anthem. The presence of all the participating players, as well as the "early bird" spectators, stood at attention for the playing of the Anthem.
Immediately following the Anthem, the action started with "qualifying" matches in the Men Singles division on 7 tables. With this round completed, the "knock out" competition of 39 competitors started in the MEN SINGLES.
The Men Singles division progressed with the top 8 rated players making it to the Quarter Finals. In the end, David Jones, Tux Vasquez, Nel Ayuso and Zhi Chen made it through and into the Semi Finals. 
The first Semi Final was bewteen David Jones, #1 Ranked, and Tux Vasquez, #4 Ranked. This match went to the "very end" with David Jones eventually winning 3 to 2 over Tux Vasquez, moving Jones into the Finals.
The other Semi Final was no different as it also went down to the "wire" with Zhi Chen, #2 Ranked, defeating Nel Ayuso, #3 Ranked, also by the score of 3 to 2. 
The Finals therefore saw David Jones winning over Zhi Cheng 3 to 1, taking home the CHAMPIONSHIP title.
Nelito Ayuso also defeated Tux Vasquez to secure the 3rd spot by a score of 3 to 1.
Both matches provided excellent entertainment to the spectators.
In the end the results were as follows:
1st - David Jones - 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPION
2nd - Zhi Cheng 
3rd - Nelito Ayuso
4th - Tux Vasquez

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The WOMEN SINGLES saw former champion Petie Matus returing to competition, by first defeating Wei Rang Huang in the Semi Finals by a score of 3 to 1, and then defeating Cui Zhen Li in the finals by 3 to 0. With a total of 6 players competing in the event, and one default reported, the competition was excellent. 
The final results were as follows:
1st - Petie Matus - 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPION
2nd - Cui Zhen Li 
3rd - Wei Rang Huang
4th - Tahera Ahmad

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The CADET Division of players 15 and Under of age comprised of 8 participants. Harim Ochaeta, the #1 Ranked CADET player moved through the "knockout" competition by defeating Jemuel White in the opening match, then moving into the Semi Finals and defeating Ashar Arthurs 3 to 0. On the other side of the draw, Victor Quan #2 Raned CADET moved through the competition by first defeating David Jones Jr. in the opening and them defeating Gian Lisbey in the Semi Finals 3 to 0, also moving him into the Finals.
The Finals therefore saw Harim going up again Vistor, with Harim Ochaeta taking the championship title by defeating Victor Quan 3 to 1. Quite an exciting match by these young and upcoming players. With the level of play having improved, the spectators were impressed and entertained by this match up.
Ashar Arthurs also defeated Gian Lisbey to secure the 3rd position by a score of 3 to 1
The results were as follows:
1st - Harim Ochaeta
2nd - Victor Quan
3rd- Ashar Arthurs
4th - Gian Lisbey

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In the other categories, both the MENS DOUBLES and the MIXED DOUBLES was also full of action.
In the MENS DOUBLES, 13 doubles partners started the event with Dan Habet & Landy Habet fro San Ignacio, Nel Ayuso & Ernesto Rivero, Amir Grajalez & Orlano Gentle from Orange Walk, & Jorge Espat & Trone Tun, making it to the Semi Finals.
The first Semi Finals saw Nel Ayuso & Ernesto Rivero defeating Dan & Landy Habet 3 to 0 to advance to the Finals. On the other side of the draw Jorge Espat and Tyrone Tun took out Amir Grajalez & Orlando Gentle 3 to 0 to also advance to the Finals. Rivero and Ayuso then defeated Espat and Tun in the finals by a score of 3 to 0 to take home the Championships title in the event.
Dan Habet & Landy Habet secure the 3rd position over Amir Gajalez & Orlando Gentlr from Orange Walk by a score of 3 to 1.
The results were:
1st - Nelito Ayuso & Ernetos Rivero - 2010 NATIONAL DOUBLES CHAMPIONS 
2nd - Jorge Espat & Tyrone Tun
3rd - Dan Habet & Landy Habet - San Ignacio
4th - Amir Grajalez & Orlando Gentle - Orange Walk

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The MIXED DOUBLES  started with 7 couples at the begining. Former champions from quite a few years ago, Petie Matus & Tux Vasquez, once again "teamed up" to compete in this years 2010 Championships. They did make it to the final round by defeating Mr & Mrs. Marion Usher in the Semi Finals 3 to 0. On the other side of the draw, top rated Carlos Cui and Cui Zen Li also made it to the Finals by defeating Nel Ayuso & Delarai Sanchez 3 to 0.
The Finals ended with Petie Matus & Tux Vasquez defeating Carlos Cui & Cui Zhen Li 3 to 0 and taking home the 2010 NATIONAL IXED DOUBLES CHAMPIOHSHIP title. A repeat of what they did some 15 or so years ago.
Nel Ayuso and Delarai Sanchez also secured 3rd position over Mr. Mrs. Marion Usher by a score of 3 to 0.
The final results were:
1st - Petie Matus & Tux Vasquez - 2010 NATIONAL MIXED DOUBLES CHAMPIONS
2nd - Carlos Cui & Cui Ahen Li 
3rd - Nel Ayuso & Delarai Sanchez
4th - Mr. Mrs. Marion Usher

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As is customer with the BTTA, awards were presented to all winners, the representative, Mr. Marion Usher from Belize Natural Energy Ltd, this years sponsors, makeing the presentation.
Mr. Usher also presented, on behalf of the National Sports Council, and the Ministry of Sports, a prizr of Bze$100.00 to CADET Harim Ochaeta, the player who has developed and made the biggest advancements in table tennis during this year. Harim is well deserving of this prize as he now carries the title of CADET 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPION, and is also the highest ranked CADET players. He also has increased his ratings by more than 250 points over the last few months. He is also a Senior C Class Rated player.
We would like to thank all our players, participants, spectators, organizers, and everyone elso who made this event possible.
Big "thank you" goes out to our MAIN SPONSORS - Belize Natural Energy Limited for their commitment to our sport. BNE has also committed to being the sponsors of this event for the next two years, 2011 & 2012. We sincerelay thank then for having confidence in the BTTA and our development.
This event brings 2010 year of competition to and end, as we all get into the Christmas mood. We did have a very busy and exciting 2010 of competition, and we will certainly keep it up in 2011 with even more to be added to our 2011 competition calendar, soon to be posted on our web site.
We would like to sish every one a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and once again say THANK YOU.
We look forward to your continued partitipation during 2011.
"the development continues........!!!!!"



Sunday November 14, 2010

Team ACE "back-to-back" 1st DIVISION CHAMPIONS 



 Mr. Tony Habet - Sponsors brothers HABET


This past Sunday was the culmination of the 2010 2nd ANNUAL brothers HABET TABLE TENNIS LEAGUE.

Starting on Sunday September, 26, 2010, and running for some 7 weeks, the League came to an exciting FINALS this past Sunday with the FINAL 4 "playoff" in both the 1st & 2nd DIVISION CATEGORIES.

In the 1st DIVISION, the teams that advanced to the FINAL 4 faced off in a KNOCK OUT competition to determine the Champions of this division.

In the morning Semi-finals competition, Team ACE won over RACQUETEERS 5 to 2, and BOMBERS defeated RIVERO WELDERS 5 to 3. These results were the determining factor for the position that each team would take in the Finals. 

Playing for 1 and 2 positions were BOMBERS and ACE. With BOMBERS coming into the finals with a "no-defeat" record, and ACE coming in as the "defending champions", the stage was set for an exciting match. In the end, ACE maintained their composure and defeated BOMBERS 5 to 3 for the CHAMPIONSHIP, and repeating as "back-to-back" CHAMPIONS.

Playing for the 3rd and 4th positions, team RIVERO WELDERS defeated RACQUETEERS by a score of 5 to 1, taking home the 3rd position.

The final results of the 1st DIVISION ended up as follows:


1st - ACE


 In the 2nd DIVISION the morning Semi-finals saw team GARAGE winning over HURRICANE 5 to 2, and team PHOENIX defeating ASSASINS 5 to 1.

In the afternoon Final competitions, team GARAGE defeated PHOENIX 5 to 3, to take home the CHAMPIONSHIP spot, and team HURRICANE defeated ASSASIN 5 to 4 in a closely contested match to take the 3rd position.

The final results of the 2nd DIVISION ended as follows:


1st - GARAGE

Present at the closing ceremonies was Mr. Tony Habet, representing the sponsors, brothers HABET, of this years League. Mr. Habet commented on their opportunity to get involve with the competition, and promised to continue as sponsor of this event next year. The association thanks the sponsor for their support, and for their commitment to continue supporting the sport of table tennis in Belize.

Trophies were awarded to all 4 positions in both divisions, with a total of 32 trophies presented to the winners by Mr. Habet.

With the supporting spectators and the players on hand throughout the entire competition, the success of this years Team League can easily be categorized as a major improvement to last years event. The level of play, as well as the increase of teams competing this year shows the increase interest in the sport of table tennis in Belize.

The association thanks everyone who made this event possible, and look forward to next years event.

Visit our web site at "" for added information and photos on this event.

"the development continues...............!!!!!"



 Sunday, October 3, 2010 


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The Sunday saw the stage of the 2010 BELIZE-CHINESE OPEN TOURNAMENT at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

After the playing of the Belize National Anthem, the action started at about 11:00 AM with 26 male and 6 female players "registered" to compete for the "top spots". 

The competition was open to only Chinese players and proved to be a day full of strong competition.

Double elimination was the format of both divisions, with players "losing 2 and they are out".

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                           Zhi Cheng - MALE CHAMPION                                              Wei Rong Huang - FEMALE CHAMPION

  At the end, the results were as follows:

                                                                                              FEMALE DIVISION

1st - Zhi Cheng                                                                                              1st - Wei Rong Huang       
2nd - Yu Ming Li                                                                                             2nd - Cui Zhen Li                                                 
3rd - Carlos Cui                                                                                             3rd - May Cui
4th - Peter Wong                                                                                           4th - Wun Kin See
5th - Chen Bo 
6th - Siu Pan Cheng
7th - Yu
8th - Choi                                                        

 Zhi Cheng, a current top rank BTTA player, and the winner of the recent 2010 SUMMER TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT, proved to also be at the top of the Chinese players community.                     

Medals were awarded to the first 4 positions in each division, with cash prizes also awarded to the top 8 finishers in the male division, and to the top 4 in the female division.

It was the first time that the 
Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) was involved in this annual event, and it has been agreed that it will now be included in the Annual Tournament Schedule of the BTTA. 

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and to the Chinese Community for an event well planned and executed. Food was also provided to everyone present, by the organizers.

A kind donation was also given to the BTTA during the competition ceremonies.

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 Sunday.... September 26, 2010

1st & 2nd Division brothers HABET Team League "kicks-off"..

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After considering the

 overall "improvements" to the weather over the last few days, the Tournament Committee of the BTTA met and made a decision to proceed as planned with the2010 2nd Annual Team League.

The team league therefore "kicked-off" this past Sunday September 26, 2010, as originally planned.
The "turn out" was overwhelming with all 13 teams represented for the opening ceremonies. Gracing us once again was the "violin" group of Carlos Cui, one of our 
top players and member of the ACE team, also participating in the Team League, who performed theBelize National Anthem. 

Present also at the opening was Mr. Tony Habet, representing the sponsors of this year Team League"brothers HABET"Mr. Habet welcomed the teams and also welcomed the opportunity for his company to be able to sponsor this years League. 

Following all the "formalities of the opening" the competition was more than ready to commence.

 12 teams began the first round of participation with both 1st and 2nd Division teams well represented to compete.

With the "stage" set with 6 tables, the 12 teams began the morning scheduled games. 

By mid day the morning results were as follows:

TABLE 1 - Team ACE defeated RIVEROS WELDERS .......5 to 1
TABLE 2 - Team BOMBERS defeated SUGA CITY ............5 to 4

ERS defeated NO MERCY ....5 to 2

TABLE 4 - Team PHOENIX defeated ASSASINS ................5 to 0
TABLE 5 - Team COBRA defeated TEAM "L" .................... 5 to 3
TABLE 6 - Team GARAGE defeated YOUNG STARS ........ 5 to 1

The afternoon competition produced the following results:

TABLE 1 - Team BOMBERS defeated ACE ...................... 5 to 4
TABLE 2 - Team RIVER WELDERS defeated NO MERCY . 5 to 4
TABLE 3 - Team RACQUETEERS defeated SUGA CITY .... 5 to 3

TABLE 4 - Team HURRICANE defeated ASSASINS ........... 5 to 1
TABLE 5 - Team PHOENIX defeated YOUNG STARS ........  5 to 1
TABLE 6 - Team GARAGE defeated TEAM "L"..................  5 to 1
At the end of the day, all teams made a mark on the overall competition. (Round Robin results)

In the 1st DIVISION, teams BOMBERS and RACQUETEERS advances with a "no lost" record, and in the 2nd DIVISION, teams HURRICANE, PHOENIX, GARAGE, and COBRA, also advanced with a "no lost" record.

All other teams recorded "defeats" in this first round of competition.

Attach for information is the "Round Robin" file showing the overall results at at September 26, 2010.
The competition continues next Saturday, October 2, 20101 with the following games scheduled.(complete schedule)

Saturday October 2, 2010 - 2:00 PM
PHOENIX        VS     TEAM "L"

Come out on Saturdays and support these teams as they "battle" to be the top teams in the competition.





the development continues.......!!!!


2010 - summer table tennis tournament

   SUNDAY AUGUST 15, 2010


Zhi Cheng - OPEN EVENT       Raheem Pitzold - 15UNDER



Yesterday saw the conclusion of the BTTA - 2010 SUMMER TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT.

This "one day" event took place at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis", on Sunday August 15, 2010.

With the action officially starting at approximately 9:15 AM, participants and spectators were entertained by the Belize National Anthem being played by the "father/daughter" violin duo of Carlos Cui, a top rank BTTA player, and his daughter, Carole Cui

Following this very impressive performance by the Cui's, the table tennis action "kicked-off" with the start of the main event.

A total of 26 players signed up for the "32 draw "double elimination" open competition format, and with "two losses and you are out" the competition was very fierce.

As an "open" tournament, players from all Categories were given the opportunity to improve their overall "ranking", as they got the opportunity to play with players above their ranking.

The competition saw quite a number of players gaining victory over players higher up on the "ranking ladder". It also saw a few "new comers" making some advancements on their overall ratings.

Coming down to the final rounds, the expected "top rank" players did advance to the finals. Players such as Dan Habet, Nel Ayuso, Tux Vasquez, David Jones, Zhi Cheng, Ernesto Rivero, Francisco Ming, as well as B Category players, Peter Wong and Robert Peyrefitte, held on to the final rounds.

At the end, the results were as follows:


1st - Zhi Cheng

2nd - David Jones

3rd - Tux Vasquez

4th - Nel Ayuso


The finals between Cheng and Jones was quite a spectacle, as Cheng, having lost one match, came back to defeat Jones in two straight matches to gain the Championship position. Vasquez, who had lost in the first rounds to Ayuso, came back to defeat Ayuso in the finals to gain the third position.

As expected in an "open" event, the competition was very intense.

Not to be left out of the competition arena, the 15UNDER - CADET DIVISION also made their "stage performances". With a few of the former champions not participating, due to summer vacations, the other top CADET players were left to make their mark.

Coming off of a 8 week summer training camp, the CADET players gave quite an impressive display of their improved skills.

Seeded #1 in the competition was Raheem Pitzold, who was able to hold on to the end. #4 seeded Ashar Arthurs, also made an impressive display of his improvements, by also making it to the finals.

In the end, the results were as follows:

1st - Raheem Pitzold

2nd - Ashar Arthurs

3rd - Gian Lisbey

4th - Daniel Echeverria



These CADETS are really moving up in their level of play. Even though a bit far from the top rank players, they continue to show great improvements in their skills, as well as their enthusiasm for the game. Their continued participation in these competitions are also improving their overall "competition spirit", which is an "ingrediance" very much needed towards the development of these CADETS.

We can certainly expect a lot more from all the CADETS who are currently in training and competing.

Trophies and medals were awarded to all winners by the BTTA.


We thank everyone who came out to participate or to spectate during this competition. We also want to thank all the organizers from the BTTA TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE, who gave of their time to properly organize this tournament. We also give a big "thank you" to the individuals who assisted to prepare the venue, both before and after the event.

THANKS AGAIN to everyone who helped to make this tournament another SUCCESSFUL event!!!!! 


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2010 RF&G 2nd national ranking tournament


  Sunday July 25, 2010

This past Saturday and Sunday, July 24, & 25, some 40 table tennis players participated in the two day RF&G 2nd NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT that took place at the BES Auditorium, "the home of table tennis".

Competition started on Saturday July 24, 2010 with15UNDER CADET Round Robin competition. With all 11 kids under 15 years of age, competing against each other. The final result was for the top 4 finishers to advance to a FINAL Double Elimination round. The next 4 finishers also advanced to a FINAL CONSULATION Double Elimination round, giving the kids maximum playing time during their competitions.

Spectators and fellow palyers were treated to good competition between these CADET players. Their skills are definately improving over the last few months.

On Sunday, July 25, 2010, the competition continued with all the remaining categories.




      ZHI CHENG   A - DIVISION                          DAN HABET     B - DIVISION



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A DIVISION competition was comprised of a SINGLE DOUBLE ELIMINATION ROUND to determine the champions among the 4 competitiors. With the past champion and runner-up, David Jones and Nelito Ayuso not participation, the competition was opened to new winners.

At the end, the results were as follows:


1st - Zhi Cheng

2nd - Ernesto Rivero

3rd - Tux Vasquez

4th - Francisco Ming






B DIVISION competition, comprised of 16 players was organized in 4 Round Robin groups of 4 in each group. The top two finishers in each group, which would total 8 players, advanced to a FINAL DOUBLE ELIMINATION round.  

The results were as follows:


1st - Daniel Habet

2nd - Hector Lopez

3rd - Peter Wong

4th - Amir Vasquez







C DIVISION players which was comprised of 8 participants, competed in a first round robin competition. From two groups of 4, the top two from each group would advance to a FINAL DOUBLE ELIMINATION round to determine the winners. With the division seeing some new faces, the overall competition was rather interesting to see the results.

At the end the results were as follows with visiting former Vice President of the BTTA, taking hoem the top spot.


1st - Luigi Heredia

2nd - Fareed Ahmad

3rd - Mike Sanchez

4th - Harold Young 







After their Round Robin competition the day before, the top four finishers from the Round Robin advanced to the FINAL DOUBLE ELIMINATION round to determine the winners. Past champion, Victor Quan was present to claim his title. However, it was not to be, as past runner-up, Steve Flowers proved to be the better player this time around.

At the end, the results were as follows: 


 1st - Steve Flowers

2nd - Harim Ochaeta

3rd - Victor Quan

4th - Raheem Pitzold 





With the tradition of allowing the kids to get plenty of play time during these competitions, the CONSULATION round was again competed for. The second 4 finishers in the Round Robin advance to a FINAL DOUBLE ELIMINATION to competed for the CONSOLATION prize, which awared 1st and 2nd place medals.

At the end, the CONSOLATION winners were the following:



1st - Gian Lisbey

2nd - Zaheer Sukhnandan







Medals were presented to all winners in all categores by representatives from the sponsors, RF&G INSURANCE, who continue to be a major sponsors to the BTTA. This tournament was aslo the first to play on the NEW STAG Elite tables recently acquired by the BTTA, through the assistance of RF&G INSURANCE as well.

In the end, we completed another very successful tournament, where we saw very good and closely matched games, along with the obvious improvements of the CADET players. An example of this is CADET Victor Quan, for the first time, competed in the C-DIVISION due to his improved ratings.

We would like to thank the SPONSORS, participants, and in particular the spectators who came out to support this event. Without everyones participation, our events would just not be possible.

We look forward to the next event being of a similar success.

"the development continues............!!!!!!" 

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 UPDATE - Sunday May 30, 2010

          Hector Lopez wins.............. 

1st Annual Non-Elite Veterans Championship

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 In its style of innovation and progress development, the BTTA this past Sunday, May 30, 2010, staged it 1st Non-Elite VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIP at the Belize

Elementary School auditorium..."the home of table tennis...!!!

With the main intention to encourage the Veteran players of the BTTA to compete in their respective category, some 15 players over the age of 45, participated in a one-day DOUBLE ELIMINATION style competition to determine the true CHAMPION of this Non-Elite division.

Kicking of at around 9:30 AM on a slightly rainY Sunday morning, these 15 participants competed for about 4 hours to determine the winners.

At the end the results were as follows:



1st - HECTOR LOPEZ              








Trophies were awarded to all 4 finalists by Mr. Rodwell Williams, a BTTA Director, a participant in the tournament, as well as the sponsor of this event.

This event was classified as a Non-Elite division, since it eliminated all players over 45 years who are rated 1100 and above on the BTTA Rating System. This allowed the participants to be competitive among their own class. It is the intention of the BTTA to also introduce a "2010 - OPEN VETERAN CHAMPIONSHIP" that would cater to ALL players over 45 years of age who wish to participate. Both event would continue as seperate events in order to encourage participation at all levels.

With the original registration to this event over 25 participants, we believe that another event of this type will definately encourage more participation. We classify this "first run" as the "ice breaker" for our veteran players who are still interested in competing.

We are encouraged by the success of this event, and will certainly continue to give players of all categories and skill the opportunity to compete and have fun in doing so.

In its style of development, the BTTA stands committed to provide competition at all levels of our membership and players. We do encourage our junior players, as well as our Veteran players to remain interested and to participate in the overall development of the sport of Table Tennis in Belize.

We sincerely thank our sponsor, Mr. Rodwell Williams, as well as all the participants and spectators who came out on a "rainy" Sunday morning to support and make this first Veteran Championship a SUCCESS!!!!

All participants were very satisfied by the event, and welcome more of this type of competition.

    "the development continues.............!!!"


2nd annual general meeting (agm) - a success

Saturday May 22, 2010

The BTTA 2nd AGM  was well attended and a successful meeting. Members were updated with the year in review, the financial reports of the BTTA, and the plans ahead. Also attended by several of our 15Under junior players, the meeting lasted for a little over 1 hour. Members in attendance provieded their support and opinions to the meeting, making it an interesting discussion. The junior players were exposed to the business of the association, allowing them to appreciate the organization for what it can bring to them.

A presentation was made in regards to the ongoing training of the junior players, as well an update on the proposed "summer training camp" being organized for the junior players.

With a new board now elected to run the affairs of the BTTA, the work continues for this board to develope on the foundation that has been built. 

Elected to serve for 2010-2012 are:                              (click image for more photos.......)
Executive Committee
  • Arturo Vasquez - President
  • Jorge Espat - Vice President
  • Petie Matus - Secretary
  • Marion Usher CPA - Treasurer
  • Rodwell Williams - Director
  • Hector Lopez - Director
  • David Jones - Director
This board represents very good continuity along with competence and experience.
Thanks to everyone who supported the AGM, and to the Executive who have agreed to serve for the next two years. Together we will continue on the path to good development, with the emphasis remaining on our junior players and their development.
                "the development continues.............!!!"

 grace - "15under singles" & "strong/weak doubles"





Matthew Usher - CHAMPION


 Victor Quan - Runner Up


  Saturday & Sunday May 15 & 16, 2010

                              15/UNDER SINGLES EVENT



1st -   ERIC CHANG


                           STRONG & WEAK DOUBLES EVENT



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Monday May 17, 2010 

This weekend was filled with table tennis competition as players competed in the GRACE - "15 UNDER SINGLES" & "STRONG & WEAK DOUBLES" competition.

On Saturday the competition started with the GRACE - 15 UNDER SINGLES competition as 14 kids, under 15 years old, competed in a "Round Robin" fist round competition.

With 4 Groups in the Round Robin, 8 players made up of the top 2 from each group, advances to the Final "DOUBLE ELIMINATION" round that took place on Sunday, May 16, 2010.

Advancing to the Double Elimination coming out of the Round Robin round were.
- Victor Quan
- Brandon Usher
- Rahem Pitzold
- Steve Flowers
- Harim Ochaeta
- Jemuel White
- Gian Lisbey
- Matthew Usher

These 8 players competed on Sunday in a DOUBLE ELIMINATION  competition
The FINAL results were as follows:


In an effort to encourage our young players, a CONSULTATION "DOUBLE ELIMINATION" competition was also played between the remaining 4 15UNDER players from the Round Robin event.
The FINAL results were as follows:

1st -   ERIC CHANG

On Sunday, May 16, 2010 the other event of the tournament, the "GRACE - STRONG & WEAK DOUBLES" competition took place with 8 Doubles Team entering the "Double Elimination" competition.Top rank players were not allowed to form teams, but had to team up with lower ranked players.

This being the first of its kind for the BTTA, we saw very good teams spirits. Being an annual event, we are confident that next time we will see more teams coming forward to compete. it is a good event to encourage team spirit, and to get the lower rated players to feel and become more competitive.

The results of this event was as follows:


Prizes of medals and trophies were awared to all the winners of the tournament.


Grace Kennedy (Belize) Limited were on hand to make the presentations to the winners, as well as to add some of the very own GRACE products as gidts to the players.

Grace provided some complementery snacks and cool drinks to the players and spectators through out the tournament. This was a welcome gesture and much appreciated by everyone.

Grace Kennedy (Belize) Ltd. display and snack stand at the tournament.

It was a very good competition, and we must thank the sponsor, as well as the orzanizers, players and spectators who came out to support this event.

To see the kids 15 Under compete, was quite a treat, as they are improving in their skills, making the competition quite a show for everyone.

Another successful event by the Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA).

"The development continues..........!!!!".




April 24, 2010 


       (click for more photos....)

April 24, 2010



Coaching sessions is now a norm at our weekly Saturday table tennis sessions at BES auditorum.

"the home of table tennis"

With the help of senior players and Level 1 coaches, emphasis is now placed on the development of our junior players.

The improvement of their table tennis skills is now a priority.

They are the future development of the BTTA.

Everyone is WELCOME to join in the sessions.

Different level of coaching is provided.  


The development continues..............!!!!




RF&G 1st - 2010 national ranking tournament



  March 29, 2010 

This past weekend saw the culmination of the RF&G 1st - 2010 NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT, with the Senior divisions in A, B & C divisions battling for the top spots.

Saturday afternoon began wih the first rounds of all the Round Robin in all divisions.


The A division was made up of the top 5 Ranked A division players, from which the top 4 would advance to a final double elimination competition.

At the end of the Double Elimination, the results were as follows.                                             

 1st. - David Jones , 2nd. - Nelito Ayuso ,3rd. - Tux Vasquez ,4th. - Ernesto Rivero - All from Belize City










The B division was a much larger group with 8 groups of 4 players in most groups. The top two from each group would advance to a final 16 draw double elimination competition. With quite a few newcomers, with good talent, this division was open to much competition. The existing top ranked players were in for some good competition. At the end of the Round Robin, the expected players did advance to the Double elimination round.

At the end the results were as follows:

1st. -  Yuming Li - San Ignacio,2nd - Daniel Habet - San Ignacio, 3rd. - Carlos Cui, - Belize City, 4 th - Jorge Espat - Belize City



The C Division started with a total of 4 Round Robin groups with the top two from each group also advancing to a final 8 draw Double Elimination. In addition to already "C Ranked" players, this division normally includes beginners, and players who are new to competition. Due to some "defaults", due to some players not showing up, this division was not as intense in competition as was expected. In any event, for the players who were present, the top 4 did advance to a smaller 4-Man Double Elimination final round.

 At the end, the results were as follows.

1st - Landy Habet - San Ignacio,2nd. - Orlando Gentle - Orange Walk, 3rd. - Wilfredo Chang, 4th. - Ted Marin - Belize City



Continuing from the past weekend, the CADET/JUNIOR division was in center stage to complete their FINAL competition.With the previous results already establishing the final players. Steve Flowers was delivered a "break" when Matthew Usher was a "no show", advancing Flowers to the FINALS against Victor Quan. At the end, Quan "edged" out Flowers with a very well delivered competition between these two junior players. The game went all the way to 5 games, with Quan taking the final game, making it a 3 - 2 win to "seal" the Championship spot.

At the end, the results were 


1st. - Victor Quan - St. Johns College, 2nd. - Steve Flowers - Holy Redeemer Primary School, 3rd. - Matthew Usher(not in photo) - Belize Elementery School, 4th. - Harim Ochaeta - Holy Redeemer Primary School


The CADET - CONSULATION finals was also an "anti-climax" when Trey Guy was also a no-show, leaving Raheem Pitzold to walk away with the CONSOLATION prize uncontested


1st. - Raheem Pitzold - Holy Redemer Primary School, 2nd - Trey Guy (not in photo) - Holy Redeemer Primary School


Congratulations to all the 18 CADET/JUNIOR players who took part in this event.

A special 'THANK YOU" to our Main Sponsors "RF&G Insurance" who have agreed to sponsor our next Ranking tournament later in the year.

Medals were presented to all winners, making it a total of 18 medals being awarded. Representatives from the sponsors were also present to make the presentations.

GRACE Kennedy (Belize) Limited were also present to provide some "free" samples of their drinks and snack products. This came as a good gesture for the players and spectators who did appreciate this special treat.



With the completion of this recent tournament, the BTTA can register some more improvements and developments in our sport. After two years of the BTTA existence, this event was the first SPONSORED event, which shows the confidence being shown by business establishments to the development of the sport. There are already other SPONSORS who have shown interest in sponsoring other events during the year.

The CADET/JUNIOR division of this recent event also introduced yet another great development to the sport. With a total of 18 kids between the ages of 10 & 13, and with the level of skill demostrated, it shows great development in the interest and training given to these kids. Following on the heels of last years ITTF Level 1 Coaching Sessions, the BTTA did organize structured training for these kids. The results are obvious when seeing the level of game displayed during this recent tournament. The next tournament scheduled for May will include a U15 category that will once again include these 18 kids, plus more kids that were not really ready to compete n this event.  

This recent NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT, is organized specifically to provide opportunities for players to improve their existing Ranking/Ratings. With over 50 participants in the event, the BTTA Rating System has seen many changes during this event. The existing system does allow for competitiors to be more encouraged to do better, so as to imperove their ratings. Following this last competition, there may be a need to improve the Rating rules. With the skill levels improving, B Division players may need more opportunities to play the A Division players, in order to gain more points. The BTTA has scheduled two of these types of tournament in each year.

With the expected 20 new STAG table to arrive, the BTTA will be in a better position to expand the sport to other afiliated clubs. A total of 26 tables will soon make up the table inventory of the BTTA.

A complete schedule of events is already planned for 2010.

The development continues........!!!!!! 


March 21, 2010 

The RF&G 1st - 2010 NATIONAL RANKING TOURNAMENT "kicked off" this Saturday, March 20, 2010 with the CADET/JUNIOR Category. with 16 participants between the ages of 10 to 13 competing in very intense Round Robin competition. 

From 4 Round Robin groups, the top two from each group, making a total of 8 players, advanced to the final Double Elimination competition. Advancing as top seeds were Victor Quan, Matthew Usher, Steve Flowers and Harim Ochaeta. These four individuals did work themselves to the final four and will compete for the Winner podium during the weekend of March 27 & 28, 2010, when the competition continues.

With Harim Ochaeta already securing the Fourth place position, it is now left for Matthew Usher and Steve Flowers to decide the Third  Place position, with the winner advancing to play Victor Quan for the top Winner spot..Victor Quan is the only of the three who has not lost a match in the double elimination final round.


       (CADET ROUND ROBIN details......)

       (CADET CONSOLATION details.......)

Also making it to the Double Elimination round were Adrian Cardona, Gian Lisbey, Jemuel White and Tony Chang who were eventually defeated  by the 4 top seed players.

In order to provide more opportunities for the kids to compete, a CONSOLATION category was organized for the remaining 8 competitors. In this category, Trey Guy and Raheem Pitzold have advanced to the finals and will also compete next weekend to decide the CONSOLATION winner.

The tournament continues this coming weekend, March 27 & 28, 2010, when the Senior players in the A B & C Categories will compete for the top senor titles. Format will also be Round Robin, with a final Double Elimination competition to determine the final winners in each category.

Competition is expected to be intense as some 48 players have registered to compete in these three Senior Categories.



 BELIZE returns from XX LATIN AMERICAN TABLE TENNIS championships in cancun mexico. A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

After a full week of table tennis activities, Belize Table Tennis players and committee members return to Belize over the weekend.

Belize participated in the Men Singles, Men Doubles, and the Team Event. While not recording any major victories, players from Belize, David Jones, Zin Cheng, and Carlos Cui, represented us well by scoring good results in all events.

Considering the high level of play, with the eventual winners ranking among the top in the world, Belize individual game results proved to be of a good standard. Click to see overall results on the ULTM site.

In the Team Event, Belize was grouped with Mexico "A" Team, Venezuela, and Costa Rica, of which Mexico and Venezuela advanced to the second and final "Knock Out" round. At the end, Brasil won the Team Event, with Mexico "A" team finishing third.

 in the Doubles, Belize David Jones and Carlos Cui, met up and were defeated by Dominican Republics top two players, Juan Villa, ranked #31 in Latin America, and Emil Santos, ranked #35 in Latin America

   (Click on images for more photos......) 

In the Round Robin of the Singles events, Jones lost to Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Cui lost to El Salvador, Chile and Mexico, and Cheng lost to Guatemala, Venezuela, and El Salvador. The 1 and 2 players from each group advanced to the final "Knock Out" round, with Argentinas, Liu Song, ranked #3 in Latin America, and #104 in the world, finishing first, and Brazilian, Cazuo Matsumoto ranked #5 in Latin America and #164 in the world finishing second. Click here to read more on this finals from ITTF. 



The experience gained by the players in this first even representation by Belize since the reformation of the Belize Table Tennis Association, two years ago, proved to be of significant wealth. The participation of our players provided an excellent opportunity to play among the best in Latin America, and in some cases, in the world. Opportunity was also avialable for them to see the level of play, and even to get some coaching "tips" from some of the best coaches in the region. The head coach of the Mexican Team was kind enough to assist Belize in some assistance, as well as offering any future help that can be organized bewteen Belize and Mexico.

Read more from the ITTF on the XX Latin American Championsips in Cancun......

 Executive members were also in Cancun to participae in the Latin American General Assembly. President Arturo Vasquez, and Vice President Jorge Espat attended this very important meeting, which was also attended by the President of the ITTF, Adham Sharara, who updated the assembly on developments by the ITTF.

It was an excellent opportunity to meet all the presidents of the region, as well as the ITTF President, Mr. Sharara.

(Picture to the left shows BTTA executive with President of the Brazilian Table Tennis Federation.)



As the ITTF Publication Editor, Ian Marshal has written on the ITTF web site...........

"Progress for Belize....Tough times for the man from Belize but the small English speaking Central American country is one of the newest members of the International Table Tennis Federation and simply being present in Cancun is another step up the ladder.
Under the guidance of Arturo Vasquez, Belize has a most prosperous development programme."

So... for us to be present in Cancun is just another step up the development ladder for the BTTA..

And...we definately agree!!!!! 


belize to participate in xx latin american table tennis championships in cancun mexico. march 1-6, 2010

Preparations are well underway for Belize to participate in the XX Latin American Senior Table Tennis Championships to be held in Cancun Mexico from March 1 - 6, 2010.

Representing Belize will be David Jones, Zhin Chen & Carlos Cui. As our #1, #2, and #8 ranked players, these men should make a good representation of us in Cancun.

   DAVID JONES   #1        ZHIN CHEN #2      CARLOS CUI #8

The competition will be held in the city of Cancun, in the Poliforum Benito Juarez Gymnasion, which has a capacity of 8000 spectator seating. Expected participation will come from Central America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Competition is expected to be of a high level.

Belize is expected to participate in Men singles, Mens Doubles, as well as in the Team competition.

This event is a classification tournament for the SINGLES WORLD CUP in Germany in October 2010. Read more on this event from the ULTM web site.

The BTTA is proud to be able to participate in this international event, and certainly wish our guys the best of luck.

Assistance for this event is being provided by the BTTA, as well as the Belize Olympic Committee.

The BTTA will also be participation in the Latin American General Assembly in Cancun, during the same period, represented by the President, Arturo Vasquez, and Vice President, Jorge Espat.