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 The long awaited ITTF Level 1 Coaching session began last Friday November 27, 2009 at the BES auditorium. With 22 participants taking aprt on the 4 day session, the course was a great success. Professional coach Marcus Gustafsson arrived last week to conduct the sessions.

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 November 2009

Over the weekend, November 27 thru to 30, 2009, the Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) hosted a International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Level 1 Coaching Session at the Belize Elementary School auditorium, "the home for table tennis".
This 4 day training course included 22 participants and was comprised of both practical and theory sessions. With more than 90% of the session consisting of practical exercises, the participants were very busy on the tables doing many different table tennis drills, technical exercises, physical exercises, as well as some competition and evaluation of players.
Mr. Marcus Gustafson, a professional Table Tennis coach from Sweden, flew in to conduct the course.
The Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA), as an affiliate of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), is included in the ITTF Development Program for this region, and is therefore priviliged to receive these professional training sessions from the ITTF.
The sessions proved to be a great success as all 22 participants were succesfull at different levels as ITTF Coaches.
Participants were selected from the districts, the National Sports Council, Primary Schools, BDF, Kolbe Foundation, Stella Maris School, as well as several top level table tennis players from withing the BTTA.
With the 4 day course now completed the BTTA "Master Plan" is to develop a "Coaching Curiculum" that will be used by all 22 coaches, to deliver constructive coaching sessions to primary and secondary school table tennis players mostly between the ages of 5 to 16 years old. These courses will be conducted at the BES auditorium on Saturdays, as well as in different schools across the country.
The objective of this "Master Plan" is to now provide professional table tennis coaching sessions to the youths of the counrty, as well as to anyone else who is interested in the sport of Table Tennis.
The Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) stands committed to develop the sport of Table Tennis in Belize at the highest level possible, and would like to thank all the participants that completed the course for their participation and keen interest in the sessions. Thank you also goes out to the ITTF and Mr. Marcus Gustafson for making the sessions possible.
 A very special "thank you' goes to the Belize Elementery School for the use of the auditorium, and to Grace Kennedy (Belize Ltd.) for providing the sessions with wonderful Grace products during the breaks.
Another Successful event by the BTTA and the ITTF.

   The development continues.......!!!!

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   October-November 2009

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 This Saturday, November 14, 2009, the Round Robin of the 2009 TABLE TENNIS

TEAM LEAGUE Tournament concluded with the last 4 team matches played to see

who makes it to the FINAL 4 "Knock Out" next Sunday November 22, 2009 at the

Belize Elementery School Auditorium.

 Saturday November 14, 2009

- Team Racqueteers defeated Team Usher-Matus - By Default

- Team No-Mercy from San Ignacio defeated Team Team Jabiru - 5-0

- Team Jabiru defeated Team Usher-Matus - By Default

- Team No-Mercy from San Ignacio defeated Team Sukhnamdan - 5-1

The following teams finished the Round Robin Competiton in the following order

and now move into the FINAL - 4 "Knock Out" Competition:

                                1st  - Team Racqueteers

                                                2nd - Team No-Mercy from San Ignacio 

                                                3rd - Team ACE

                                                4th - Team Suga City from Orange Walk

     FINAL - 4 "KNOCK OUT" Competition - Sunday November 22, 2009 - 9:00AM 

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Corozal Table Tennis District Association complete tournament.

September 21, 2009

The Corozal Table Tenis District  Association completed its first tournament of the season after a few weekends of competition. tropies were donated by the Corozal Town Board, and were presented to the winners by Mr. Aaron Babb, Deputy Mayor of Corozal. Results were, 1st Hilal Jundi, 2nd Edwardo Monima, and 3rd Rene Perez. 

   2nd Edwardo Monima                                           1st Hilal Jundi                                             3rd Rene Perez



September 5, 2009

This weekend was another historic day for the Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA). After several conversations with a very energetic and enthusiastic set of parents from Holy Redeemer Primary School in Belize City, the reality of introducing Table Tennis to the students began this Saturday, September 5, 2009.
Headed by Mrs. Tanya Mahler, the Holy Redeemer Primary School parents were able to raise enough funds to acquire 3 Table Tenis tables for the school. Combining this with the already existing spaceous school Parish Hall Auditorium, efforts between the parents and the BTTA resulted in the first session for the children.
After a somewhat short notice to parents, and considering that the school year has only just began, some 15 or so very entusiastic kids showed up this Saturday to be introduced to the sport of Table Tennis. Experiences BTTA members were on hand to provide coaching and encouragement to these very curious minded kids. With ages from 7 to about 14, they were all very excited to be a part of this event.
Ernesto "Brother" Rivero and Nelito "Nel" Ayuso, both top ranked BTTA experienced and senior players were available to assist the kids throughout the session that ran from around 2:00 PM to about 5:30 PM. Additional schedules will be made available to the kids during the week days. With the Parish Hall Auditorium totally available and accecible to the students, it will definately help the development of table tennis at Holy Redeemer Primary School.
After the session, the kids were provided with "hand outs" that included information about the BTTA, with relevant application forms to become members of the BTTA. Also provided were some printed "tips" on the "Basics of Table Tennis", and a few incentives of free DVD's for them to become members of the BTTA. With some parents present, it was very encouraging to see the interest shown to the BTTA's effort to introduce the sport to the school.
This is really only the begining of this very big step to develope kids into table tennis players, as the effort of the BTTA and Holy Redeemer Primary School will now continue with a structured system to encourage interest and to become members of the BTTA.
The Consiitution of the BTTA was written to allow "clubs" to be member of the BTTA. With that, Holy Redeemer School Table Tennis Club now become a new "club" member to the BTTA.
Some TIBHAR Rackets and balls were donated to the school by the BTTA. Continued support, encouragement and assistance will certainly continue to be a priority by the BTTA to this new set of energetic parents and students of Holy Redeemer Primary School Table Tennis Club.
The school is already planning on organizing the club with ID cards, and the BTTA has already began the process of identifying interested adults from withing the school who play table tennis, to become certified ITTF Level 1 coaches by becoming a part of the upcoming ITTF Development Program in November when a Level 1 coaching session is schedule to be held in Belize. 
 "The development of TABLE TENNIS IN BELIZE continues...........!!!!"

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Saturday August 8, 2009

It was a welcoming site to see, for the first time, players from the Corozal Table Tennis District Association playing in the city with ranking BTTA members. The venue was the BES Auditorium "the home of table tennis", where the games were officlally recorded in order to provide a Rating  for the visiting and new players. Players included the District Coordinator Rene Perez, Ivan Riverol,Eduardo Monima, Roger Gonzalez and Hilal Jundi.

With these games now over, players from the Corozal Table Tennis District Association will now join the official list of the BTTA players Rating System.

A sincere WELCOME goes to the Corozal TT District Association. We look forward to their continued participation in upcoming BTTA events.


summer table tennis session

July 2009

The BTTA assisted in a two week summer camp held at the BES auditorium, the "home of table tennis"
This was an excellent opportunity for the BTTA to encourage interest in the young players, and to add more junior membership to the association. Assisting us as the BTTA rep is Amir Vasquez, a ranking member of the BTTA.
Apart from the coaching provided, the BTTA also providing all the equipment needed for the camp, including 6 tables, along with rackets and balls for the kids to use.
We are glad to have had this opportunity to train and seek the interest of young players.


2009 Summer Table Tennis Tournament

This past weekend was The Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) 2009 SUMMER TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT, which comprised of four separate categories of competition.

Base on the current BTTA Rating, there was competitions in Class A, B, and C, and for the first time, the Under 12/15 Category. This new group will be added to the BTTA Rating system as the "A:NOVICE" CLASS of the Rating system. 

A total of 71 players participated, with 12 kids taking part in the Under 12/15 Category. 

This was the BTTA first "one day" event that proved to be a full day of competition. 

It was the first time that the Under 15 category is included in the Belize Table Tennis Association event. This can only get bigger with the growing interest from the Primary schools.


  A CLASS DIVISION                        B CLASS DIVISION              C CLASS DIVISION                 UNDER 12/15 DIVISION

1 - DAVID JONES                                1. DAN HABET                        1. DANG GONG ZHANG           1. ADRIAN CARDONA                    2 - ZHI CHEN                                       2. MANDY GOMEZ                  2. MICHAEL CHEN                   2.MATTHEW USHER
3 - ERNESTO RIVERO                        3. LI YU MING                         3. MIGUEL GUERRA                3. ZACHARY USHER

Thanks to everyone who made this event a great success. In particular, thanks to the newly organized TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE for doing a great job of organizing the event. The introduction of the Score Boards made following the games much easier for the spectators.


BTTA completes ITTF/ULTM Referee Course (June/09)

Under the ITTF Development Program, the BTTA had the opportunty to advance their Umpire & Referee skills with a Certified course provided by the ITTF. International Umpire/Re feree Expert, Fernando Aguilar, provided courses to participants. The course was held at the National Sports Council Conference Room facilities, and included both theory and practical course material. (Read more from the ITTF....)


Belize attends ITTF General Assembly & World Championships in Japan

he Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) attended the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) General Assembly and World Championships held in Yokohama Japan, represented by our President Mr. Arturo Vasquez, who attended the event as an official Delegate of the BTTA. The event took place during the period April 28 thru to May 6, 2009 in Yokohama, Japan. 

In addition to the AGM, Belize also participated in several other important meetings that served to establish our relationships with the international table tennis organizations, that provide the necessary support for our development. We was able to reconfirm international support in the area of Umpire and Referee training, as well as Level 1 coaching to be delivered in Belize during this year.  

It is important for the BTTA to maintain these international relationships, as it strengthens the possibilities for us to keep getting full support from the ITTF.